Why Should You Invest in Inflatables

Why Invest in Inflatables

Halfway through the summer, it may often feel like you’ve already done everything you were supposed to do to enjoy the season. You have picnicked on the beach, enjoyed swimming, playing volleyball, and are just wondering what else to do.

Let us tell you that one of the most exhilarating and adventurous summer activities that you should never avoid is water sports, especially those involving riding inflatables. If you haven’t experienced this entertaining experience before, this is the high time to gear up with some best inflatable options (like shared in this article) and kickstart your water sports activities to make the most summer.

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Why we love Water Sport?

If you want to have thrilling times with an active and fun way to enjoy the sea, look nowhere but into water sports. Some of the water sports are exclusively designed for small children and their parents for a fun water time, like banana ride, parasailing, donut ride, kayak, stand up paddle, and fishing. Some of the water sports are more challenging like those involving fly board, jet skiing, sea-bob, water skiing, and scuba diving.  Then, there are the options for nature lovers; kayak, pedalo, sailing, and stand up paddleboards.

  • Water Sport are great fun

Most significantly, one reason to go give water sports a go is that it’s a hell lot of fun. Whether you go for a surfboard or want to try kitesurfing, there’s nothing like getting out there, letting off a bit of stream, and learning something adventurous and new. Who doesn’t like the sense of learning a new skill to make themselves feel good, besides, other watersports lovers are generally great fun and have a massive amount of energy, so you’ll bag many LOLs too.

The best thing about water sports is that they are diverse and designed for all age groups. Suitable for anyone, water sports make a great activity for all ages.

  • Water Sport are great exercise

Why spend hours in a hot, sweaty gym playing the same music every day, when you can get out there and burn some calories while toning up?

Based on your watersport choice, you work on your core muscles to the max and this brings a dramatic impact on your fitness levels and overall body. Many fitness experts have affirmed that stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP) is the best way to exercise the whole body. Putting pressure on the core muscles for a balance, mere a half-hour of SUP yields the outcomes equivalent to the cardio-workout and running six miles.

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  • Water Sport Improves overall health

Water sports are not only good for the body but also for the mind. We know that stress has a substantial impact on our minds and our bodies. But in this technologically advanced and connected modern world, what can be done to combat this? With an increasing percentage of the population across the world that is usually under extreme pressure at work, promoting water sports is a wonderful way to help people focus and enjoy an activity far away from the strains of the workplace and reduce the stress level for a healthy body and mind.

  • No Limitation for Location

Watersports for city-dwellers are heading inland across the states at a faster rate. Not just for those fortunate enough to live near the beach, the watersport activities are becoming easily accessible for everyone up and down nationwide. Make the most of your favorite picnic spots where you can have a lake, paddle, pool, or even a river for water sporting. However, don’t forget to take safety measures.

  • Water Sport are full freedom

Did we say that watersports give you an utter sense of freedom? Whatever kind of water activity and inflatable you choose, you’re in total control to have as much fun as you can. Not just that, but you can take your newly learned skills anywhere in the world. Surfing in New Zealand? Paddleboarding in Mexico? Now, this seems like something we’re interested in.

Kickstart Your Water Sport Experiences with Fun-filled Inflatables

Who says that you need to visit a beach or get a membership in some posh water sports club, to explore the thrill of water sports? What if we tell that you can have your own water sports space in your garden or backyard or poolside? It’s the time to invest in some high-quality water inflatables and make your own customized water sports area to enjoy with your family.

The water inflatables let you enjoy endless hours of fun all summer long. These yield a bouncy fun, a creative touch, are inexpensive and easy to store. What else? Having inflatables also helps you practice the recently imposed social distancing protocol while enjoying the water activities.  Nowadays, we find a whole variety of inflatables like bouncy castles, inflatable slides, games, props, climbing walls, basketball hoop, sprinklers, bungee run, tube, banana ride, donut ride, big balls and more.

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  • Inflatables are so easy

Incorporating inflatables in your pools is quite easy. Most importantly, these are so easy to use in water sports. For instance, inflatable tubing has many things common with water-skiing, in that a person is being pulled behind the speeding boat at a very high speed, getting launched into the air by the boat’s wake, and usually having a wonderful time.

The main difference is, inflatable tubing is much easier. Water-skiing necessitates enough balance and practice, and it’s very easy to fall on the skis. Inflatable tubing, on the other hand, just needs you to hold onto the tube for dear life. If you want to play some more intense water sports, but haven’t had much experience and practice, inflatable tubing might be the perfect choice for you.

  • Inflatables Create a Family Fun Experience

Water sports involving inflatables are never a solo experience. More often, it’s a full family experience, where all your kids jockeying to be the next on the tube, and you are waiting to pass off the steering wheel, so they have their turn. There is not a better way for a family to spend a summer day bonding together than a day of the inflatable banana ride, bouncing castle, water slide, donut ride, or tubing.

  • Inflatables are Inexpensive

Inflatables don’t require thousands of dollars’ worth of investment. With an average spend of between $800 to $1000, you can buy your personal good-quality inflatable water slide. Also, if used and maintained properly, these inflatables last for a long time. Hence, these are going to enlighten your summertime every year.

  • Inflatables are easy to store

No need to leave the inflatables in the pool after the summer. Just pump the air out with the instruments provided along, and here you go, taking them out of the pool, folding and storing at a safe place! It’s too easy! The best way to do is to hose off the pool liner and let it dry. After the inflatable has dried, put the vinyl slide cover and pool liner back together, deflate them, and then roll them up to store.

  • Exercise Social Distancing with inflatables

Inflatables are rising in use due to the recently imposed social distancing parameter because of the Covid-19 pandemic. As many inflatables are portable like tubes, donut and banana rides, you can even take these to the beach and enjoy the sea with no worries while maintaining social distance easily.

The Concluding thoughts

Water sports are fun that you should never miss in summer. Investing in good-quality inflatables not only gives lots of water sports options in your pool but also helps you enjoy the outside spots with creativity and utter fun.

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