Inflatable Water Business

If you are considering whether or not to start your own inflatable rental water business, then you need to weigh the pros and cons. Although it is a very profitable business, there are a few difficult aspects of the business. By weighing the good and the bad you can make the right decision about getting into the business of inflatable rental.

During the summer, all of the rivers across America open up. Every year, on the Boise River alone, over 125,000 people enjoy a leisurely float. Now with a total of 250,000 rivers in America, this is a lot of people enjoying their summer floating on inflatables.

Another activity loved by people all over the world is inflatable water parks. Although not as common, an inflatable rental water business is extremely exciting!

These various summer activities open up a huge market in the inflatable water business and tubing industry.

What is tubing?


Tubing is one of the greatest activities in America during the summertime. Simply put, tubing combines relaxing on a river with socializing.

Tubers from all over the country flock to these rivers and enjoy a cold beverage along with their floating. They can even choose their style of tube!

From heavy duty river tubes to an 8 person floating island raft, tubing is much more than sitting on a durable pool float on a lazy river pool.

 What the heck is floating?

Also known as a “river float,” floating is a form of tubing. The basic concept of river tubing is to get on a form of flowing water with a floating device. This can include something as simple as a floating raft mat or inner tube raft.

All your consumers do is sit on their floatation device, sit back, and relax. This results in wholesome fun on the river or lake.

How do inflatables relate to floating?

If you are in the business of the inflatable rental martket for water sports, then floating is important. Floating is a very popular activity and one of the main activities during summertime. The most important ingredient to enjoy a good float is an amazing inflatable. Who doesn’t want a giant unicorn lake float or academy river tubes?

What is an inflatable water business?

it is basically an Inflatable water park, which are essentially make up of an inflatable bounce house, combined with a floating obstacle track…on the water! These inflatables can be placed in a pool, a lake, or any large body of water.

Better than lake floats Costco, these are the best water toys around. Both children and adults can enjoy these huge inflatables, and you can actually turn them into quite an impressive Inflatable Rental Business.

Where do inflatable rental water businesses parks exist?

Water Park

Splash Island Water Park

Reduit Beach, St. Lucia 

The Splash Island Water Park is a great inflatable rental example and is the first floating sports park in the Caribbean. It has a floating obstacle course, trampoline, climbing wall, swings, a water polo court, and monkey bars.

Whoa Zone at Whihala Beach

Lake Michigan

Not something you would expect to be 30 minutes from Chicago, the Whoa Zone at Whihala Beach takes you right out of the city into some major water park fun. This colorful floating water park hosts more than 60 inflatables!

ACE Adventure Resort

Oak Hill, West Virginia

At ACE Adventure Resort there are tons of inflatables such as see-saws and obstacle courses set right near mountains. There is even a huge jumping pillow that is designed to toss one person high into the sky while a second person jumps on the other end.

Aqua Fun Dubai

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, UAE

Similar to the Vegas of the Middle East, Dubai hosts the world’s largest inflatable rental water park. With more than 70 inflatable slides, obstacles, swings, and trampolines this is a serious inflatable water business park.


Hodson Bay, Ireland

Home to the largest floating water park in Ireland, they also host the largest water slide in Europe. Although it can get a bit chilly at times, this is the most fun you will ever have with an Inflatable rental park in the UK

Club Balai

Talisay, Batangas, Philippines

This inflatable rental water business boasts a custom model AK-250, designed, and built by P. Appleton of Aqua Play Parks. With octagon connectors, floating volleyball courts, huge floating inflatable swan , and obstacle courses, this water park will blow you away.

The pros and cons of an inflatable rental water business

Adults and children love inflatablesRolling rental inflatables can be tiring
Meet and create new relationships with different types of peopleRepairs need to be done correctly
Bring joy into the lives of othersWet units must be dried properly
Offer a fun service to your communityClean up has to be done perfectly
Work hard for the busy season and have more time off for the rest of the yearIf you do not plan fora slow season it can be stressful
Have time for another business in the offseason to make even more moneyNeed to learn how to manage your money properly
Not a standard 9-5 jobMust hire an accountant for your taxes

Despite the negative aspects, when you own an inflatable business, you are starting a fun and exciting adventure. In addition, you are becoming a helpful member of your community and offering a wonderful service.

How to start an inflatable rental water business?

There are positive and negative aspects of every business, but by having a proper business strategy and a good plan, you will be successful. Rental

Conduct research

Performing market research will tell you if there’s an opportunity for an inflatable rental businesses in your area. This is not only a great way to find potential customers, but it will also allow you to see the need for inflatables, and tailor your new business according to that research.

Write your inflatable rental business plan

Your business plan is the foundation of your business. This plan will help to guide you through the creation and to the end of your business.

Secure funding

Whether you have the capital to begin this business, or you need funding, you need to figure that out. Sometimes you may be able to ask friends or family for a loan, but often you may need to go to the bank for a business loan. This is completely normal for a new business.

Decide what types of inflatable you want to work with

There are many different types of inflatables that you can sell or rent, these might include:

Choose your inflatable rental water business name

Picking a name should reflect the fact that you rent or sell inflatables, but it should also be appealing. , be sure to confirm that your business name isn’t already being used by someone else.

Apply for licenses and obtain insurance for your inflatable water business

Always make sure you are being legally compliant. This means you may need different licenses and permits varying state to state. You will also definitely need to purchase insurance. This will protect you if an unfortunate accident happens with any of your customers.

Open a business bank account

A small business checking account can help you handle legal, tax, and day-to-day issues. The good news is it’s easy to set one up if you have the right registrations and paperwork ready.

Purchase your inflatable rental water business stock!

Your final step will be purchasing your inflatables stock! Whether this is a huge inflatable water slide or an inflatable water park, you need to purchase from the best manufacturer around.

Is the inflatable rental water business market saturated?

At the moment, the market has not grown hugely, and although inflatables are popular, there is still not even one business in every city.

Technavio analysts forecast the global inflatable toy market to grow to USD 5.72 billion by 2021, which means now is the time to step into the market and invest in inflatables. This prediction is due to a few reasons.

  1. In the last ten years, there has been an increase in the population of children
  2. The spending capability of customers is growing
  3. Affordable pricing of inflatable toys are well priced

Questions to ask yourself before starting an inflatable rental business.

Inflatable Float

Can I find someone to operate the business for me?

Not only do you need to lease (or own) space, but you also need to be able to operate your inflatable water park. This can be quite a full-time job, so you should make sure you can hire employees to help with the workload.

Another option you have is to rent out your equipment for parties or events. Although it is not always guaranteed income, you can grow your business as large as you can dream it to be.

Can I operate this business myself?

If you are looking to be hands-on with your business then you need to be physically fit and able to work with your entire body to work on these inflatables. You also need to commit a lot of free time to the business in order to fully run it. This is not the type of business you can run on the side, but the profits will be rewarding if done properly.

What are the most exciting types of inflatables for inflatable rentals?

Bounce houses and landslides can be very fun, but the most exciting types of inflatables relate to water. Whether this is water sports equipment for tubing or water blowups, there is always sure to be a good time on the water.

The ultimate types of inflatables are inflatable pool parks, or a lake inflatables park. These parks are incredible for a few reasons,

How will investing in inflatables water business change my life?

#1 Be your own boss

By starting an inflatable rental business, you will not only be your own boss, but you will be a business owner!

#2  Bring water sports to landlocked locations

Although it might seem that there is no chance for water sports fun in locations without a lake or a river, this is simply not the case when you get into inflatables. Inflatables can be placed on an above-ground water system such as a pool, or man-made lake area.

This is incredible for communities who are typically without access to water. You can truly change a community by bringing in your inflatables business.

#3 Always have a place to host family parties

Need an idea for the family reunion? Do you have children and struggle where to plan their birthday parties?

If you own your own inflatables business you will have a place that every family (or friend) can host their party.

#4 Claim tax deductions

By owning your own business you can work with your taxes so that you accurately pay on what you make rather than what you earn in total. This means that you can claim tax deductions for anything that spent in relation to your business.

#5 Get into an industry before it blows up

The inflatable industry across the world is predicted to hit $5.72 billion next year in 2021. If you get into the business now, you will already be established and simply collect money once it blows up.

#6 Be in control of your income

Instead of struggling to make ends meet or working for a paycheck, inflatables will have you making a lot of income. This is because in general, inflatables bring in huge income. This is mainly due to the market being very small.

If you choose to rent out your equipment you can charge a large price per hour. Average rentals in most U.S. cities are around $80-125 for basic bounce houses. If you have an inflatable park, you can charge hourly or daily admission.

#7 Own a unique business

Owning a restaurant or grocery store is wonderful, but when you own an inflatables business you will own something that is quite unique. This means you can create your own ideas without having to adhere to society’s ideas. Operate under your own plan, and deliver a truly sensational business by investing in inflatables.

#8 Work whatever hours you want

Say goodbye to that 9-5 life. Since you will be a business owner, not only do you choose which hours to work, but you will also get to pick the hours your business operates.

#9 Offer exciting options

By getting into inflatables you have the ability to offer all types of fun activities. These might include inflatable trampolines, inflatable aqua parks, inflatable pool parks, all available in custom designs and shapes that kids love!

#10 Make dreams come true

Offering inflatables can offer the opportunity of a dream come true for so many children. Since the business of inflatables is small at the moment, there is not always the opportunity for children to experience these types of activities where they live. By creating an inflatables business, you will have the option to bring joy to many.

Questions you might have

How fast will I earn my money back when investing in inflatable rentals?

It is actually very possible to get your money back within only one season! This means that when figuring out your finances, your initial investment should really only need to be enough for start-up costs and to carry the first year. Return is almost guaranteed during your second season!

Do I need to start my inflatable businesses in a location that is warm year-round?

Although it can be a great option to have an inflatable rental businesses in a location that is warm year-round, this is not necessary. Many inflatable businesses do very well only by operating in the “warm” or summer season.

If you do choose to operate in a location that is warm year-round, you may make even more profit than you expected.

Are inflatables rainproof?

Although you may need to take your inflatables down occasionally if there is a storm, aqua inflatables are meant to be on the water. This means they are waterproof and can withstand standard rain storms!

What are you waiting for?

Ready to change your life and invest in inflatable rentals? There should be no delay, now is the time.

Scroll through the options and view the incredible inflatables that await you.

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