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about us

About us

Having lived in Canada for years just beside the USA, the Buffalo/Detroit border, I knew what it was like to get a better deal in those early days. Our dollar was high, and the US was low. So, to get the great deals, we had to travel “internationally” (ha-ha one-hour drive)

Our Management Team

In this day and age, it is the same thing but on a bigger scale as we are now in a global economy. We can’t be assured of getting a good deal in our home town anymore. So, we all start looking to China.

Now, the internet has made the world smaller and we can find those great deals across the globe. This had made shopping a little easier for the average consumer.

Therefore, we had to move across the globe also to position ourselves in the cheaper labour markets. It wasn’t really our choice, but markets dictated the move. We were doing business across the USA (from Canada) for years. We attended trade shows and trade fairs as an exhibitor and a buyer. So, we know both sides of the market. It has therefore become our job to produce amazing products that our clients will enjoy.

Moved to China

We visited China to search for a place to set up a factory. We were successful and have since moved our office and base of operations there. This way we are directly in talks and communication with all the competitors’ factories and more importantly, the lower-cost suppliers.

Our factory Opening and Blessing With Wives and Family

It is our goal to source the best base materials and bring you the best quality products and give you true value by passing savings on to you. It is our desire to become your supplier of choice when looking for inflatable products to serve your needs.

We have our office in China and Canada. We are standing by to assist you with your orders. We have a toll-free 800 number for instant access to answer your concern. We desire to be your inflatable supplier of choice. We desire to give you the best value for your investment dollar. Explore our site! Study our products. Let us be your preferred supplier of choice!

Thank you!

Peter Appleton CEO

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