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Inflatable Water Parks Like No Others! Since 1988, 33 Years, We Design Incredible Inflatable Water Slides On Budget!

Building Inflatable Water Parks That Tower Over All Others! The Formula? Bigger Excitement, Bigger Money!

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Our World Record Breaking Inflatable Water Slide Will Create 5-Star Reviews!

Welcome to the next stage of your business adventure. We’re here to help you achieve your dreams and ensure you get positive customer feedback, every time! How can we do that?
Our inflatable floating water parks are a surefire way to really WOW your customers, which means 5-star reviews and beaming word-of-mouth recommendations. Everyone loves a huge inflatable water park, it’s impossible not to have fun when you’re bouncing around a floating obstacle course! Our 33 years of experience in the industry means we know how to create awesome water play experiences for your customers and increase your profit. Forget empty rooms and quiet summers and say hello to fully-booked!

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EN-ISO-25649 Certified! TUV Equivalent. Heavy UV Protection!

How do you know our products are high quality? We understand that our Floating Aqua Parks need to be built for the Canadian, American and European standards, which is why we are certified under EN ISO 25649. This is the main commercial inflatable testing certification and every single one of our park units (including the world’s largest inflatable slide) has been checked. Don’t be fooled by other websites that claim other certifications, always look for EN-ISO 25649. Unlike other companies we only sell high-grade inflatable water parks, using the best materials and rich ultra violet protection for long-lasting wear. All heat welding joints are double and triple reinforced. Our high-quality standards will ensure your floating water park is built to last.

Bigger Units. Bigger Fun. Bigger Profits!

Returns on inflatables come fast. Your inflatable aqua park and floating water toys will attract guests and those guests will rave about your business to their friends. Your investment will, in most cases, garner you a return in just 1 Season! We can design and build to your exact budget so you can rest assured you won’t over-invest. We can work together to get you the biggest wow factor for your budget! We’re on your side!

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Float Higher Above The Competition Than Others!

The Best Inflatable Floating Water Park for Sale can be found right here.Given the choice, you want original designs, unique to your business. We’re original aqua water park designers and creators, so we know we can help you realize the perfect inflatable masterpiece to help you achieve your goals. The more fun and crazy your ideas, the more we’ll love making them into a reality! Never settle for tired old designs, you need something unique so you can stand out over your competitors. We offer the best-designed inflatable floating water parks and water toys on the market and have done since 1988, so when you come to us you know we’ll deliver the best inflatables you can buy.

We Are Private, 100% Family Owned Factory!

We run our OWN factory, which means we can check the quality of every single product we create. Our business began back in 1988 and 12 years ago we realized to offer stand-out quality we needed to be on the factory floor ourselves. Which is why we opened our very own private factory in China, offering European, US, and Canadian quality. Running our own factory not only means we have complete creative control but because we’re on the factory floor every day we can inspect every product during every stage of manufacturing. Don’t waste your time with poorly made water inflatables ordered from a factory on the other side of the globe, come straight to the inflatables experts.

Higher Slides will Build a Social Media Frenzy!

Create Excitement in your resort! Our Giant monster Inflatable Water Slide Will Create a Social Media Frenzy! Everyone wants to take pictures on this monster inflatable slide. They can’t wait to post their photos and video on Facebook and Instagram. And those friends will like and share hopefully generating a viral event. Now that’s a win for you!

The Best Way To Win A Fully-Booked Guest List!!

No one likes empty rooms, especially in peak season. Water inflatable toys and Aqua parks are the easiest way to boost your sales without the need for marketing. Everyone loves inflatables and floating obstacle courses, which is why your customers will sell your venue for you! With word-of-mouth and social media your customers will quickly bring in more custom than you could ever want. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out exactly how we can help you bring in more clients.

Client Recommendations

Brett C. Australia – Peter –
we are excited about the potential of this sort of Inflatable Park design.

Earl J.T. Philippines –


Cam W. Philippines –
Peter Has Done such a nice job on our design to make us stand out. We are excited about the end result and look forward to finishing off a good summer this year.

Emily J. United Kingdom –

Thanks Peter! You’re a Star!

Phil M. Ireland –

Working with the Aqua Park team was easy, not only at the sale but after the sale, they remained in constant contact and was there to answer every question or concern. We had a step problem that was a material issue. Without no questions asked, another unit was on its way via courier right after the call. If you want support, over-all, the aqua park team is on the job 24/7! We strongly recommend them.

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Long Way Down
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Look Mom, No Hands!
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Safety Briefing Firstly
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Morning Sunrise
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Afternoon Sunshine and We're on!
Ready For Next Day
Ready for Next Day!
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Come on, It's a riot!
A Good Aerobic Workout
A Good Aerobic Workout!
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Way 2 Much Fun!

The Best Commercial Grade Inflatable Aqua Park Designs!

Built with safety and Engineered Controlled Quality Water Parks.
We can make your dreams a reality with giant commercial inflatable aqua parks and inflatable water toys
Built with safety in mind, our quality controlled water parks are the perfect way to boost your revenue this season.

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Inflatable Aqua Park Commercial

Inflatable Water Park Tour

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For the best inflatable water parks, at the best price! Call us Today!

Email Us Today: For A Most Successful Summer!

If you’re looking for any inflatables to create summer fun then Inflatable islands are the only company you need! From complete commercial grade floating water parks to inflatable water trampolines and banana boats, we can offer everything you need for your best summer yet! We can provide unique designs to suit your exact needs and we will ensure no other business in your area can compete with your aqua park! There’s no job too big or too small for the Inflatable Island Company, whether you’re a small venue, huge business or planning the ultimate beach party, we can help. From design to manufacture we offer a full service, meaning we’re the only inflatable company you need to call. Our aqua park prices start as low as $31,000 and because we manufacture everything ourselves we can work to your budget! We love going that extra mile for each and every one of our customers, so we know we can smash your expectations and help you to make your design ideas the best they can be. Contact Inflatable Islands today if you’re excited to get started on your custom water kingdom.

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Meet Peter: The CEO of Inflatable Island and Aqua Play

Hello, I’m Peter Appleton, nice to meet you! Welcome to Inflatable Islands. I’ve been working in the inflatables industry for over 30 years and overall, we’ve been working with inflatables in China since 2009. So we know all the other factories and exactly what our competitors are building. We have stood directly on their factory floors. Do you want our honest review? As a builder and a designer, I can tell you that most factory owners never get the chance to check what their competitors are building and if they do, they only look at pictures so they can create a copy.

Our experience of inflatable factories means that we know what we’re producing is better than any other company because we’ve seen their products in the Chinese factories. All our designs are 100% original and we can assure you that by choosing Inflatable Islands, you are choosing the best quality inflatables on the market for your business. We know this since we are the company that others copy. But others can't replicate it knowledge-wise or are scared to do it.. we have 32 years of design experience. Interested and want to know more? Then I can’t wait to hear from you and get started on realizing your inflatable kingdom! My name is Peter and I am the owner and designer. Call or email me and talk directly to the factory floor boss. Be sure to visit our privacy policy page.

What Other Kinds of Water Toys for the Lakes do we offer?

We’re the Best Floating Waterpark Inflatable designers, therefore, we can create anything your business needs! Our Floating Water Parks are just one of our crazy awesome products. You can combine multiple types of water toys for the lakes to create the water play experience you desire. Check out the total list of our Inflatable Water Toys we can create for you. Just click to the right, and feel free to get in touch with us on any ideas you have for us to create!

Excited about the possibilities of water inflatables? Then we want to hear from you!

Buying from a China Factory: Caution

Here's how you know, you are being lied to and set up to be cheated. Factories will say, “we have the best quality” and “yes, we can give you the best price? And will promise you the "full size." Such as large copied parks from other companies including us. Namely our BIG floating Monster Slide.

Welcome to Buying in China - Part 1

Looking to buy from China soon? Many people from around the world should get help when purchasing from China. The problem is when the buying public thinks that a middle man is in there somewhere and they are making money on his purchases. So what happens next is that he wants to cut out the middle man and go direct to the factory himself. But here's what happens based on my experience after living here in China for over 10 years and dealing with many factories.

Firstly, China is a country with very different standards and a culture that would be deemed opposite to the west! The Chinese want the business and don't care who buys from them, whether it be a distributor or a consumer-direct! The distributors have more experience and, in most cases, have experience in buying from China Factories. So my article is really for the direct consumer whom I have watched try to navigate the rice fields and taxis for that golden path to that lowest price with the highest quality. So with that is mind, let's look at these three big purchasing words: High Quality, Full Size, and Cheap. These adjectives would make you the hero in your buying department if you could put a checkmark beside all three. However, it can't happen without something going awry.

If you want ….... High Quality and Full Size? ……. It won’t be cheap!

If you want …... Full Size and Cheap? ……. It won’t be high quality!

If you want …... Cheap and High Quality? It won't be full size!

You can only get two of these adjectives in any buying scenario. ......... "IF YOU DID GET ALL THREE OF THESE? ...THEN YOU WERE LIED TO AND POSSIBLY CHEATED!"

All factories will say, “we have the best quality” and “yes, we can give you the best price? And some factories will promise you the above two along with "full size." Warning bells should be going off.