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The Social & Party Islands Collection

Explore the Social & Party Islands collection from Inflatable Islands Co. for safe, exciting, and versatile waterfront fun for people of all ages

Floating Inflatable Islands. A Resort-Like Adventure Your Way!

Let’s get the party started with the Social & Party Islands collection. Created for those who love to host, entertain, and create unforgettable memories on the water, each inflatable in this category has been designed from top to bottom with the perfect combination of luxury, safety, and endless fun.For those looking to dive in, swim, party, or simply relax while the kids play, this collection is the perfect way to shift your waterfront gatherings from ho-hum to legendary.

Sports Island Lounger

  • Size: 5m x 4.5m


  • Features: 4 steel hand support rails for tie-offs, stainless steel ladder, includes 2 SUP boards, accommodates up to 8 adults.


  • Description: The Sports Island Lounger is an epicenter of waterside activity. With space for kayaks/SUPs and equipped with a stainless steel ladder, it’s perfect for those who love to relax, swim, and party. The included SUP boards add to the fun, making it an adaptable choice for any gathering. There’s also the option to add two more SUPs to your purchase.


  • Price: $4,485

Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

E-GO Lounger Island

  • Size: 5m x 5m


  • Features: Solar/electric ready, includes 2 float beds, anchor, 2 HD paddles, stainless steel ladder, and motor mounts (motor extra).


  • Description: Join the future of party islands with the E-GO Lounger. Ready for solar/electric power, this island is a haven for up to 8 adults. With luxurious float beds and HD paddles included relaxation and adventure are assured! Be sure to include additional features like a motor, solar panels, and e-coolers in your purchase.


  • Price: $4,095

Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

Play Bouncer Lounger

  • Size: 4.7m x 4.6m


  • Features: Canopy-based fun, stainless steel ladder, mini cliff-jump, ideal for offshore floating.


  • Description: The Play Bouncer Lounger offers a sanctuary for relaxation while the kids enjoy the thrill of jumping and swimming. It’s the perfect island for floating offshore as well! The canopy base and mini cliff-jump feature make it exciting, fun, and comfortable for the whole family.


  • Price: $3,705

Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

Play Bouncer Raft

  • Size: 4.7m x 4.6m


  • Features: Mini cliff jump, slide, and tunnel play. Canopy not included.


  • Description: The Play Bouncer Raft is your go-to for versatile water play. From sandbar parties to excursions off the lakehouse dock, this raft brings fun with its slide, tunnel, and mini cliff-jump features, guaranteeing a splash of joy for everyone.


  • Price: $2,925


  • Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

Why Choose Our Social & Party Islands?

  • Adaptable Entertainment: From lounging to adrenaline-pumping adventures, our islands cater to every type of water enthusiast.


  • Quality and Durability: Always built with top-quality materials, our islands are designed to last. Experience season after season of fun!


  • Safety First: Engineered with safety in mind, our products provide a secure environment for adults and children alike.


  • Easy Setup: Get the party started quickly with islands designed for hassle-free setup, letting you focus on the fun.

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