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Explore the Family & Kids Rafts collection from Inflatable Islands Co. for safe, exciting, and versatile waterfront fun for people of all ages

Create a world of aquatic fun with our Family & Kids Rafts collection. Each product in this category is designed thoughtfully to perfect your family’s waterside experiences, combining safety, durability, and endless enjoyment.You could be bouncing on a trampoline, lounging under the sun, or enjoying a waterfront picnic — no matter what you’re looking for, we have something for everyone.

Our Family & Kids Rafts

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Swany Side Kick Bouncer Trampoline

  • Size: 3.5m x 3m x 2.7m


  • Features: Heavy-duty handles, D-rings for secure anchoring, and an easy-to-use ladder.


  • Description: Jump into fun with the Swany Side Kick. Perfect for energetic kids and adults alike, this trampoline combines safety with excitement. Its sturdy construction and reliable anchoring guarantee a joyful experience.


  • Price: $1,500

Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

Sandbar Lounger Island

  • Size: 2m x 3m


  • Features: On sand or water use, removable canopy, and six play pillows.


  • Description: The Sandbar Lounger Island is your family’s versatile retreat. Whether on the sandy beach or floating on water, this lounger offers comfort and fun. The removable canopy provides shade, making it ideal for sunny days.


  • Price: $1,500


  • Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

Sun Deck Lounger: Standard

  • Features: Top dock only, includes two chairs, flip for sunbathing, easy-up handles.


  • Description: The Sun Deck Lounger – Standard Version offers a simpler, yet equally elegant water relaxation experience. Ideal for a parent with kids or a couple, this deck provides a cozy lounging space, and flips easily for sunbathing.


  • Price: $370


  • Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

Sun Deck Lounger: 2 in 1

  • Size: 2.5m x 2.5m


  • Features: Netted tube structure for balance, convertible design for lounging or sunbathing, includes two chairs, and space for a cooler.


  • Description: The Sun Deck Lounger 2 in 1 is your versatile solution for family water fun. It’s perfect for picnics on the water, transforming into a wet hammock for the kids or a sunbathing platform. Its netted structure ensures stability for both active and relaxing moments.

Price: $741

Why Choose Our Family & Kids Rafts?

  • Quality and Durability: Each inflatable in our collection is created with the highest-quality materials to make sure they stand the test of time.


  • Safety First: We prioritize the safety of your loved ones with features designed to provide a secure and enjoyable experience on the water.


  • Versatile Fun: From sunbathing to bouncing, our rafts are ready to keep the whole family entertained.


  • Easy Setup: Every Inflatable Islands product is designed for convenience and a hassle-free setup, so you can get to the fun part fast!

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