Inflatable Yacht Slide – The Quickest Way from Yacht to Water

Nowadays, Inflatable Yacht Slide are more interestingly equipped than high-tech cars. From interior swimming pools and astonishing entertainment centers to helicopter landing pads and submarine launches, the contemporary yacht is actually becoming more of a canvas for the wealthy and well-known to outfit in any manner they consider appropriate and inflatable slides are on top of the list of more fun accessories that can be added to a watercraft.

Dubbed “yacht slides” by the industry leaders, these enormous inflatable yacht slides attach to the main deck of a yacht and slide down into the water beneath for high flying entertainment. can create a custom-designed water slide that matches your private yacht or boat and thus make a very entertaining game for the entire family to enjoy.

yacht slides

Yachts are becoming more prevalent

Yachts are really becoming more prevalent than they ever were before. In the past yachts were properties of the super-rich, while today, particularly priced yachts are accessible for the upper middle classes. In addition to that, it should be made clear that with this social group come family members and children. In case you want to keep your gang entertained while cruising, make sure you have entertaining games that can keep absolutely everyone both busy and amused.

Inflatable yacht slides are fantastic for warm summer days given that they allow you to slide down a hosed water slide and into the refreshing water. Inflatable yacht slides can be attached to the main deck of the yacht and then be flopped over the side. It is possible to hook up either an inflatable wet slide or dry slide – based on your choice and type of yacht, as well as what sort of games you will be aiming to play.

Lots of captains and sailors like taking boats and yachts to particular spots where they drop the anchor over in order to indulge in some sunbathing fishing or casual swimming. Having an enormous inflatable yacht slide attached to your boat will keep the entire crew happy and entertained, due to the fact that this tough and high-quality material slide can withstand hours of men and women sliding down.

Imagine the Dream only to be disappointed

Just think about how many times you’ve been aboard some tycoon’s mega-yacht only to be somewhat disappointed because there wasn’t a huge, inflatable slide hanging off the stern? Yes, we all know how that feels. Now, with Inflatable islands, w comes to help the embarrassed super wealthy with its series of bespoke heavy-duty PVC slides that give a million-dollar yacht that small addition you always wanted it to have – an inflatable, 45-degree water slide with a one-story drop.

In case your yacht does not have an attached water slide to it, it really can’t be considered a yacht. haha.

Attaching an inflatable slide to a mega yacht with the purpose of having a bit of extra fun is no off-the-shelf affair. Megayachts aren’t constructed on assembly lines, so there’s no method to style a one-size-fits-all slide – when your customers have more cash than a small nation, on the other hand, you mustn’t.

That mentioned the Freestyle Cruiser slides are available in two main styles. The No Leg Assistance version (NLS) is for hanging off decks, which can be five meters (16.four ft) high or shorter, and is held up by its own inflatable strength and guide ropes. The Leg Help version (LS), just as the very name implies, has an inflatable leg beneath the slide to give it added assistance and addresses decks over 5 meters or higher.


Custom Designed for Your Yacht

Designed to hook onto a rail or stairway or be attached to the deck, the Freestyle Cruiser’s capabilities consist of inflatable, non-skid actions, a removable security net to prevent slipping and falling, as well as an extra-slippery plastic coating on the slide to speed your way down to the water. It also includes a built-in water spray method to prevent the unpleasantness of bare skin touching the PVC that is been baking in the Mediterranean sun of the Cote d’Azur, and also guaranteeing a satisfying splash on hitting the water. You are able to even have your ship’s name or possibly a logo printed on a particular spot of the slide at no additional charge.

These yacht toys are made of 28-ounce Firmatex-reinforced PVC panels that happen to be sewn, heat- and RF-welded and glued, and meet or exceed the US, EU and Australian inflatable slide requirements. Every single one comes with a couple of electric pumps that are capable of inflating or deflating the Freestyle Cruiser in roughly 20 minutes. On the other hand, they just aren’t lightweight. The manufacturer recommends that your mega yacht has a crane to assist the crew in lifting the slide into position.

Simply because each and every single yacht slide is bespoke, pricing just isn’t accessible, but it really is likely that if you have to ask, you don’t have a mega yacht.

Look For Other Yachts with Inflatable Yacht Slides

The very second your 100-foot superyacht pulls into a new port, you’re surely going to want to make an entrance and there’s no greater way to do so than by water slide. Freestyle Cruiser styles and builds custom inflatable water slides that hang off the decks of the world’s most exquisite yachts, transforming even probably the staidest ship right into a private Typhoon Lagoon. These yacht toys are available in sizes that go up to as much as 39 feet, although Freestyle will build slides as short as six and a half feet.

Company MD Sean White told Gibraltar’s Marina Live that the Freestyle yacht slide is “the most recent yacht toy that tells every person exactly where the celebration is at,” as when the luxuriously equipped private boat wasn’t sufficient. It also lets people know just what sort of party it truly is and that watercress sandwiches won’t be served. If you would like your guests to know whom they should be addressing their thank-you cards, Freestyle will even print your name or corporate logo on the inflatable slide itself. In case your bacchanal gets out of hand, the slides come with a 3-year warranty.

Add an Inflatable Sea Pool

An optional accessory is definitely the Critter Cost-free Sea Pool – a mesh enclosure at the bottom of your yacht slide. It’s meant for those who wish to play in the ocean without the threat of encountering any actual ocean wildlife. Patented “AirStairs” will get you back on board.
The slides have been particularly well-liked with charter companies, who can promote their yachts as having an amenity that their competitors lack. A charter yacht that features one of the tallest readily available Freestyle water slides has renting prices that start out at $110,000 per week.

Until now, the Florida-based business has sold more than one hundred inflatable yacht slides, which have put numerous billionaires into the water. For the very reason that no two ships are alike, Freestyle designs every single slide from scratch, and pricing is calculated accordingly. But together with the company’s FAQ peppered with phrases like, ”The number of crew members that are required to set up your slide is going to be determined by the size of the slide along with the accessibility of an on-board crane,” do not expect a water slide to become a low-cost thrill.

About ten years ago, everybody who was anybody wanted a charter yacht with Wave Runners. About 3 years ago, everybody who was anybody wanted SeaBobs in their toy box. Finally, last year, I heard about standup paddleboards as the most sought-after yacht toys.

Now the Talk of The Boat Shows

At the most recent Antigua Charter Yacht Show, water slides have proven to be the talk of the docks. It seems that more and much more charter yacht customers who are booking yachts larger than 125 feet are starting to request huge, inflatable water slides. One particular broker told me that a superyacht captain in the Bahamas recently ordered one because his boat lost two upcoming charters to a similarly sized and priced yacht that had a water slide. Even longtime, well-respected charter yachts are adding them to their collections, to ensure that customers continue to return.

From what several mega yacht crew members told me, these slides are no small shakes. Every single one must be custom-ordered to fit the design of the yacht itself in order to make sure that guests can slide safely from the main deck. The cost for every slide is for that reason in the ballpark of $25,000, as some crew members told me. That is the equivalent of 3 Wave Runners or perhaps a SeaBob-and-a-half. Nonetheless, the slide requires additional space in the lazaretto, so the yacht has to be large enough to stow it as well.

I’ve got to experience the thrill of sliding down one of these inflatable slides, as the crew I spoke with last week said that these yacht toys are an absolute blast. Given the fact that clients really enjoy these inflatable yacht slides, I expect that we’ll be seeing them on far more superyachts for charter in the future.

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