Have you ever experienced the joy of jumping on a water trampoline? How about a traditional trampoline? If you have, then you know that it can be an exhilarating experience and possibly the most enjoyable form of exercise. 

If you’ve never experienced the wonderful fun of a water trampoline, don’t despair. An inflatable water trampoline can be a rewarding investment that turns drab lakeside vacations into endless days of entertainment and relaxation. 

There’s never been a better time to start learning more about inflatables, especially water trampolines. The history of this handy device’s creation and development is fascinating and rife with innovation. 

This article will explore this rich history and discuss the potential benefits of using a water trampoline. We’ll also examine the safety do’s and don’ts you should follow when playing on a trampoline.

Finally, we’ll take a brief look at a few additional inflatables worthy of some consideration. If you’re ready to take a hop, skip, and a jump into the world of water trampolines, then read on!

What Are Inflatable Water Trampolines?

Inflatable Water Trampolines

If you’re already familiar with trampolines, then the idea of a water trampoline might seem confusing. After all, traditional trampolines hold their shape thanks to heavy legs and rows upon rows of pins and cables. 

Inflatable water trampolines are fantastically similar. However, instead of having several metal feet that dig into the ground for stability, water trampolines rely on air pressure to maintain their shape and rigidity.

These devices typically consist of a large inflatable shell or hull that is often circular. The center portion of an inflatable water trampoline is essentially hollow. The only surface covering the center is the trampoline mat.

This is held in place by several ties and connectors that secure onto the interior of the inflatable. Inflatable water trampolines are made of high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting stability and durability.

But while all of this information can help you understand how an inflatable water trampoline functions and looks, it doesn’t offer much in the way of history. And to truly understand something, it’s often best to ask why it is rather than how it is.

Still, to understand the birth of the inflatable water trampoline, you must first understand the creation of the traditional trampoline. Let’s leap back into the pages of history for a moment.

How Was the Inflatable Water Trampoline Created?

If we go back to the 1920s, we’ll find that trampolines (as we know them today) do not yet exist. But, if we skip ahead ten years, we may just witness young George Nissen creating the very first trampoline prototype.

The Iowan inventor felt compelled to create a home trampoline after witnessing traveling gymnasts escape death via a bouncy safety net. But his fascination with the height of their jumps inspired him to do a few odd things.

The Birth of the Trampoline

Firstly, he adhered a sheet of canvas onto a steel frame, hoping that the tension would be enough to support his weight and help him bounce. When that didn’t pan out as expected, Nissen removed the canvas and began collecting tire innertubes.

When he had a good amount, he reattached the canvas to the frame by looping the innertubes through small cuts near the edges of the fabric. These tubes held the canvas taut to the frame but still allowed enough flexibility for a good bounce.

At this point in its development, the trampoline still didn’t have its proper name. During these early stages, it was fondly referred to as a “bouncing rig.” But by 1937, Nissen would change his mind and re-dub his invention, calling it a trampoline. 

The Invention of Water Trampolines

As the 1990s dawned, so did a new age of extreme sports. Skateboarding, BMX biking, motocross, and other intense sports became increasingly popular with mainstream audiences. Manufacturers took note, as did inventors.

Some of the very first water trampoline patents were filed in the late 1990s. By the end of the following decade, dozens of water sports companies competed for the opportunity to make and sell inflatable water trampolines.

Since the early 2000s, these ingenious devices have helped families and individuals experience lakeside fun in a way they probably never have before. Inflatable water trampolines have gained notable popularity over the last several years.

This surge in demand may be at least partially due to their many potential benefits and uses.

Why Should You Use a Water Trampoline?

There are several excellent reasons why anyone might want to use inflatable water trampolines. These devices are still relatively new in the sporting good market, making them a unique and novel choice for families and friends. 

However, the chance to try something new isn’t the only reason to use an inflatable water trampoline. These bouncy waterborne inflatables offer a ton of potential benefits, including a chance to enjoy your exercise routine.

It’s Great Exercise

Jumping on a trampoline may be able to improve your fitness level over time. Whenever you put your body into motion, you’re exercising and burning calories. So, every time you bend your knees and leap upward, you’re helping yourself get fit.

Because a trampoline’s mat absorbs your body weight when you land, trampolining may be one of the most fun low-impact exercises in existence. After an hour or two of hopping about, you’ll probably begin to feel the effects of your exertion.

Don’t worry if you experience a few aches and pains after spending the day on an inflatable water trampoline. As Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “There are no gains without pains.” 

Water Trampolines Are Tons of Fun

One of the most sincere reasons to use an inflatable water trampoline is pure entertainment. Water trampolines can be a lot of fun, especially for those who’ve never used one before. 

If lakeside outings have become relatively boring, calculated, and uneventful, a water trampoline can turn things around in a flash. They might be the ideal solution to watery woes.

Besides, who wouldn’t enjoy jumping around in the middle of a lake? If you add some food, beverages, and tunes, you’ve got yourself a party.

They Can Improve a Party or Get-Together

Deploying an inflatable water trampoline before a party or a get-together can result in an unforgettable time for everyone involved. There’s a good chance that guests will be shocked and delighted by the addition of a water trampoline.

Your attendees may be so overjoyed to jump around on the water, that you may not get a chance to use it yourself! Fortunately, you can enjoy the benefits of an inflatable water trampoline all year round when you own one.

Family-Friendly Fun

Some watersports and activities aren’t kid-friendly, and that can put pressure on parents to find a suitably entertaining alternative to jet skis and rafting equipment. Water trampolines can be an excellent option. 

They’re appropriate for children over the age of six, ensuring that parents with older children and teenagers can enjoy them to their fullest potential. When you’re finally able to kick back and relax with your family, you’re more likely to bond with them.

While hard times can draw folks together, good times can help them heal together. Past stresses, worries, and concerns can melt away when you’re completely in the moment, jumping up and down on a water trampoline with your family.

It’s a kind of delicate, heartfelt magic that is difficult to recreate or capture. The only way to experience it is to go out there and make a little of it for yourself. Inflatable water trampolines may help you along the way. 

Easy to Deflate and Pack Away

Inflatable water trampolines are far easier to transport than traditional models. packing one of these entertaining devices away is simple. You’ll need to bring it onto dry land, detach the trampoline mat, and deflate the shell. 

Then, you can simply fold everything neatly away for future usage. Drying your inflatable before packing it away for long-term storage is crucial to helping it stay strong and durable. Water trampolines remain exceptionally easy to disassemble.

However, when reassembling an inflatable trampoline, it’s vital to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions. Doing so can help ensure your personal safety, as well as the safety of others who use the trampoline.

Though water trampolines can be glorious fun to use, they can also result in injury when used incorrectly. Becoming familiar with trampoline safety guidelines can help you avoid any negative experiences with these exciting inflatables.

Inflatable Trampoline Safety Guidelines

We’ve recognized many of the ways that water trampolines can be beneficial, useful devices. We’ve discussed how fun they are, how easy they are to transport, and how great they could be for your overall fitness. 

But it’s equally important to recognize a few safety do’s and don’t associated with water trampoline usage. Being familiar with these guidelines can help you and other trampoliners avoid accidental injury.

Do Not Use on Dry Land

Though it may seem obvious, you should not use an inflatable water trampoline on dry land. These fun inflatables are specifically designed to be used over large, open bodies of water. Using them on land is bound to result in serious injury.

Do Check Inflatable For Leaks Before Use

After inflating your water trampoline to an acceptable firmness, be sure to check the body of the shell for any signs of air leaks. If you hear any hisses, squeaks, or strange sounds, you should carefully examine the shell before taking to the water.

If your inflatable water trampoline deflates during use, you will likely fall into the water. Accidental injury can occur if your foot, ankle, or leg gets caught in the cabling during deflation. Always check for leaks.

Do Not Forget Your Life Jacket

Life Jacket

When using a water trampoline, it’s crucial to maintain proper safety standards. This includes wearing a life jacket or life vest at all times, especially when out over deep waters. Children should be outfitted with life jackets to help them swim to safety.

Do Remember to Social Distance

Though it can be a challenge to keep away from others while enjoying a water trampoline, it is still entirely possible. To help avoid infection, it’s essential to keep away from individuals who are not immediate members of your household.

Always maintain at least six feet of distance between yourself and others. You may want to take a moment to read this brief guide for more tips and tricks on social distancing while using an inflatable.

Additional Inflatables to Consider

Before you hurry off to purchase an inflatable water trampoline, you may want to take a moment to review a few additional inflatables. If you’re looking to turn your next water-filled weekend into an unforgettable event, these inflatables can help.

Of course, if the following options don’t tickle your fancy, you can always browse for inspiration. You never know what you may find when you begin exploring the world of inflatables!

Inflatable Island Lounge

If you’re ready for some adult fun with friends and family, you may want to check out an inflatable island lounge. Available in many different sizes, these floating island paradises can be the perfect setting for parties and get-togethers of all kinds.

Inflatable Lakeside Toys

Inflatable Lakeside Toys

Finally, you may want to consider how much better your next lakeside vacation could be with a few inflatable toys and activities. There are tons of inflatable toys for the lake that can provide you and yours with hours of excitement.

The Launch Bag is a consistently popular example that could have you and your loved ones flying high into the sky! It’s an excellent companion to the inflatable water trampoline.

Learn More About Inflatable Water Trampolines

Now you know what inflatable water trampolines are and how they came to be. These amazing aquatic devices have several potential benefits, including all of the benefits of aerobic exercise.

Water trampolines can also provide a massive amount of long-lasting fun that’s appropriate for people nearly all ages. It’s crucial to follow safety guidelines when using an inflatable water trampoline. Doing so can help you avoid accidental injury.

Still, though inflatable water trampolines provide hours of entertainment, they aren’t the only lakeside device you might want to take advantage of. There are also floating islands and toys to consider. 

While we do encourage you to enjoy yourself and our inflatables, safety is near and dear to us. Feel free to learn more about us today! 

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