The Inflatable water Parks Industry in a Nutshell

Inflatable Water Parks, by their very nature, are a symbol of advancement giving traditional forms a contemporary touch. The history of inflatables is strange and intriguing. This deceptively simple technology has gained a lot of popularity and cutting-edge designs and versatility have made this industry a symbol of utopianism.

The journey to the rise of present-day inflatables is filled with radical experiments. The first inflatable, the hot-air balloon, was created in the 18thCentury, in Paris, by the French brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier, by burning straw and wool to heat air under a large lightweight paper and fabric bag.

At the turn of the 20thcentury, then first “Zeppelin” was launched that came down to earth during the Second World War. This was followed by manned helium-balloon flights.

inflatable water park

The “Bubbletecture” Era

Inflatables tanks were used as deceptions on the battlefields in Europe. Equally ingenious creations, by American engineer Walter Bird, who made “radomes” for the U.S military, a weatherproof enclosure to protect radar antennae.

Later on, he went on to develop inflatables, including greenhouses, storage sheds and pool enclosures. He worked with the legendary architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, who oversaw the construction of the Guggenheim in New York City, prototype inflatable village of fiber thin air houses, constructed from vinyl-coated nylon fabric, with low-pressure air from a fan.

Architecture and design: Experimenting with Inflatable Water Parks

Young visionaries in the ’60s saw the creative use of inflatables in the furniture industry, as cheap, mass-produced plastic became widely available.

In the ’70s, architecture group Ant Farm created inexpensive, transportable, and instantaneous inflatables, where events were organized to host lectures, workshops, or simply as a place to hang out. Called Skum, the multiple bubble forms of this structure created an arc for shelter and beacon. Simultaneously, experiments with the “Waterwalk” series of buoyant inflatables were underway.

The Allianz Arena by architecture firm Herzog & De Meuron, constructed from ETFE, a fluorine-based plastic that is durable, corrosion-resistant, lightweight and transparent, for the FIFA World Cup in Germany in 2006 and the Water Cube, used in the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008 was a benchmark to prove the true potential.

The “biomes” of Eden Project, situated in Cornwall, southwest of England, were designed to be built upon the unstable ground and housed thousands of plant species within simulated climatic conditions. Transparent, interlinked, eight geodesic domes, a hex-tri-hex frame with triple-layer pillows of air-filled ETFE cladding panels.

Inflatables for the homeless, a structure that inflates from the warm air that escapes the vents of a building’s HVAC system.

An inexpensive and immediate solution for emergency situations developed by Michael Rakowitz. “Ark Nova,” an impressive “egg-plant” structure for exhibitions, performing art shows, jazz concerts to help unite communities after the devastation caused by the 2011 tsunami hit Japan.

The transportable nightclub, named Shelter, a black PVC membrane inflatable, was made in 2016, in Geneva Switzerland, to host the annual summer party. It contained a bar and a dance floor along with an assortment of inflatable furniture, including seats, tables, and a DJ booth.

These structures were easy to inflate, setup, deflate, and then transported to another venue.

The diversity of the Inflatable Industry

Inflatables have been used in the advertisement industry because they are custom-made, available in any shape, size and style, and the perfect fit for any grand openings, sporting events, point-of-purchase displays, and can be put up on rooftops to attract customer attention.

Giant advertisement inflatables and balloons have high visibility and offer immediate and lasting visual impressions to increase location traffic. A 30-foot long reproduction of your product, logo or mascot can be a sure way to increase brand awareness, presence and identification.

Advertising inflatables increase sales or response as they connect on an emotional level and instantly produce the desired results. Be it impulse buying, increasing memberships, donations or attendance for organizations, schools, or sporting events, advertising with inflatables is the answer.

The biggest plus point of inflatables is the ease of installation due to its lightweight, storage, transportation and budget-friendly feature.

The Inflatable Park industry has found its way into outer space, modules, and prototypes for space habitats that will soon be launched. Inflatable hot water tubs, inflatable hotels, inflatable solar panels, inflatable movie screens portable inflatable multimedia massage chair, inflatable pubs, and the list goes on.

The versatile, lightweight and sustainable nature of inflatable products has been exploited in the entertainment industry as the possibilities are endless. Both indoor and outdoor giant inflatable water parks have become a hot tourist attraction for people of all ages. Hotels, resorts, campgrounds, and travel industry, inflatables have seized the market by their unbeatable designs, usefulness, appeal, ease of use, and frugality.

Medical inflatables-how cool is that? Walk-through exhibits include large scale inflatable prototypes of human anatomy. These high-quality interactive educational models are highly effective in teaching people about the risks, nature, symptoms, and causes of various diseases.

Are Inflatable indoor theme parks at an advantage?

The global inflatable market is rapidly expanding, experiencing unprecedented growth. The inflatable industry owners have to face fierce competition, too, as there are many manufacturers offering custom-designed theme parks, along with obstacle courses, slides, trampolines, mechanical rides, and much more all in one space.

Indoor inflatable theme parks (Inflatables- Resorts and Hotels) are an ideal source of entertainment for all members of the family of any age. A big advantage for indoor park owners is ‘No Weather Issues,’ no transportation, and less time to setup.

Interactive mechanical inflatable games that are sure to have your adrenaline soaring is the award-winning “Adrenalator”- a giant treadmill action game, Toxic Meltdown- wipeout style sweeper game, Toxic Rampage, Toxic Twister and Deluxe Rodeo Mechanical Bull to name a few. These challenging inflatable games are unique and offer next-level entertainment. Famous indoor inflatable parks include Jump and Flip Out in the U.K, Galaxy Inflatable Parks in the U.S.

Outdoor Inflatable Water Parks

With so many improvisations and technological advancements, inflatables have smoothly taken over water parks. Inflatables were popularly used for entertainment in the past but inflatables on the water have taken the crowd by surprise leaving them awe-struck by its flexible designs and artful modules.

Starting out as a small-time pass for kids, the inflatables reached staggering heights with giant water slides. To find out more about the different types of modules, click here. (The Amazing World of Massive Inflatables)

The water park industry, already being an all-time favourite amongst all age groups especially in summers, rose up the list, not only providing quality entertainment but also flourishing the country’s economy. Countries like the Philippines have greatly benefitted due to this, using the mesmerizing sceneries and water bodies to further complement the fun-filled inflatable aqua parks (Inflatables at Water-themed Parks).

In 2010, Aqua Play Parks started to install inflatable water parks in Asia-Pacific. The first inflatable water parks opened at Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas. It got a lot of positive response thanks to its 30-ft high, 3-in-1 Monster Slide.

The second water park made its name in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2016 with its highest floating water slide in the world at the most famous island destination, Puerto Princesa in Palawan. Designed for all age groups, inflatable water parks and slides provide a good amount of physical exercise and can bring out the child even in the most sober person.

Outdoor Inflatable Water Parks

Setting up Your Inflatables

Inflatables water slides can be set up in the backyard of your home (Top 7 Waterslides Compared), in playgrounds, gardens, and just about anywhere where the surface is smooth, with no sharp objects around and a power supply for the air blower. Bounce houses, moonwalks, and all inflatables, for that matter, can be completely harmless, provided you follow the safety precautions whether at home or at the park.

There have been a few accidents, and cases reported of children getting hurt due to collisions between jumpers, falling off, or inside the inflatable, the injuries ranged from broken bones and teeth, concussions, sprains, neck and back injuries, cuts, sprains, and abrasions.

Improperly secured inflatables and weather conditions impact the safety; for instance, strong winds may cause such an inflatable to take flight and throw children into the air with devastating consequences. The continuous airflow inflatables require a blower to pump air to keep them firm, hence any disruption in the power supply can be disastrous. A puncture, too, can have the same consequences.

Hence, it is important to purchase or rent high-quality products from a trusted inflatable waterpark supplier, follow certain safety precautions, and maintenance measures, especially the commercial giant inflatable play parks, to avoid mishaps.

How do you Identify a Good Quality Inflatable Park?

If you want an inflatable for your backyard, swimming pool, school playground, parking lots, for a beach, or for rental purposes, there is a wide variety of choices, which are economical and durable, too, if maintained properly. Most inflatables come with a warranty period, user’s guide or manual, and the accessories included are an air blower, repair kit that includes patches, and super glue. To find out more click on this link (A Complete Purchase and Safety Guide for Inflatables)

There are many essential things that come in mind when we talk about giant inflatable floating water parks. Mostly regarding their maintenance and their parts. Some very commonly used items are the very strong and long-lasting adhesive that is useful for fixing the tear and small holes. Many water parks in the Philippines have advertised their waterparks on how they install and pack the floating parks and what are the measures they take in order to keep it top-notch.

And most of the companies provide boats to keep them clean and safe. In addition, the use of a strong, powerful, and high-quality blower will not only save a good amount of electricity but also make your task at hand extremely easy and effortless.

The residential types usually employ constant airflow, and the minimum water depth is also specified, in case of a water slide, trampoline, or other water inflatables.

Usually made of lightweight nylon or PVC with single or several rows of stitching (depending upon the company), heavy-duty, synthetic, rot-proof thread to ensure durability. It is easy to inflate and set up requires about 10-15 minutes.

The most amazing residential ones include giant inflatable water slides like Little tikes Rocky Mountain River Race, Intex Surf N’ Slide, Banzai, Sidewinder/Pipeline Twist Inflatable Water Parks, Inflatable Canopy Island, of bird floats-Swan Inflatable Water Trampoline.

Manufacturing a Commercial Grade Inflatable Water Parks

A commercial-grade giant inflatable water parks comes with many modules like giant water inflatable obstacle course, giant inflatable water slides, action tower, monkey bars, hamster wheel, blob drop, and so on, depending on how it is designed, or you may even customize it.

Cup holders: There are more varieties of cup holders than you think. From small inflatable cup holders for the pool to be attached to giant-sized inflatables and even come with some inflatable boats. They are small and easy to manufacture; hence, you can get them customized without spending a lot of money. Most trending designs are bright coloured donuts as well as rainbow and swam shaped round inflatables that obviously have a depression in the middle to hold the cup.

Remote control floating Snack and Drink holder, floating pool Bluetooth speaker are some other cool accessories to be paired with floating water inflatables. Check out the other accessories here. (The Most Amazing Inflatable Water Toys and Floats)

Commercial grade custom inflatable pool parks are built with high-grade PVC vinyl with several layers of stitching, to increase durability as they have to withstand challenges like weather, wind turbulences, saltwater, and not to forget a large number of visitors.

Special valves that do not self-open, use of stainless steel that does not rust, non-intrusive handles, and reinforced seams are some features that make an inflatable safe. A safe step system to ensure a stable transition from one to another without any gaps or crevices. And definitely, no protruding parts and Velcro securely fastened to prevent entanglement.

The minimum water depth, correct working pressure, entrapment hazards, cleaning, and maintenance procedures are clearly mentioned/instructed in the manuals. Safety is of utmost importance (Taking Care of your Child’s Safety and Inflatables) and all products are made according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s guidelines, and go beyond structural requirements to create the safest inflatable possible.

Inflatables – Maintenance and Safety

  1. Inflatables must be properly anchored and the surface free of any objects that can stick to, stain, tear or melt your inflatable. For instance, if you are inflating it on asphalt rooftops. It is advisable to place the inflatable on a tarpaulin to prevent it from damage. Do not drag your inflatable, roll it up and carefully lift it on a trolley for storage.
  2. Protect your inflatables from high winds, stormy weather and cold temperature. Lightning during stormy weather can cut out the power that can cause the inflatable to deflate. Heavy winds can tear tether straps or anchor points on the inflatable. Never deflate an inflatable during strong winds as it can literally take flight with you in tow, causing serious injuries. So remember, if a storm is in progress, leave your inflatable, your safety is much more important than the cost of the inflatable. Unsecured objects can hit your inflatable, causing damage.
  3. Mildew can be prevented if you ensure that the inflatable is not stored or rolled up when wet. The inflatable can be dried after draining by simply leaving it after use with the air blower running, which will help to dry the inflatable from the inside. The outside can be cleaned with basic dish soap and dried off with towels. The underside of the inflatable should also be cleaned with a leather glove.
  4. Air pressure inside the inflatable must be adjusted, do not use a superpower blower. If it is overfilled, there are chances it may explode or get punctured. Carefully follow the instruction manual when inflating and keep weather conditions in mind. Do not use in direct sun as the surfaces may become too hot for safe play, and air can expand, increasing internal pressure.
  5. Maximum weight limits and minimum height requirements must be adhered to at all times. To increase the lifespan of your inflatable, regular cleaning and proper storage is a must. Repair minor punctures with the repair kit provided.

Now let’s look at the safety precautions/rules that you and your children must follow for hours of enjoyment and thrill.

It is highly important to have an expert guide or a little more than a fair idea on the size and model of adapters, pumps, pressure gauges, and hoses along with fittings to run your own water park or even for safety when visiting one.

Water Inflatables are Exciting

Revolutionary, fun, and thrilling, commercial-grade water parks are designed and built according to your budget. Moreover, inflatables have various advantages (The Many Advantages of Water Inflatables) with guaranteed fun and amusement. The easy set-up and flexibility of inflatables make the experience even more worthwhile and amazing. The ability of inflatables to fit into any event also allows it to entertain a vast range of age groups from children to adults.

Inflatable Boats and its Manufacturing:

A good, sturdy boat depends mostly on the material and its manufacturing. Over 20 to 30 years, the fabric for boats has changed and altered with use and experience. Inflatable boats are popularly made of plastomers, polyurethanes, and other materials that prove to be lighter, durable, thinner, and less costly than most commonly used rubber fabrics. For extra strength, boats are double-walled and are assembled by thermo-bonding the fabric.

There are 5 kinds of inflatable boats varying as per the capacity and use of the boat, which have been widely used in the travel industry mainly for fishing and leisure travel. To get more information on inflatables for traveling and camping, visit here. (Inflatables in Travel and Entertainment Industry)

Inflatable rafts are not the sturdiest amongst its species and are used mostly for fun and play. They are not seaworthy. Its inflatables floors make it a comfortable option to chill. It has a capacity of about 3-4 passengers and is usually a cheaper alternative.

Inflatable pontoon boats or catamarans are most popular amongst anglers. Its seat position and comfortability are most suitable for long hours of sitting. The boat is mainly two air panels fitted with a metal or inflatable frame atop which a seat is placed.

Inflatable pontoon boats

The vantage position allows easy fishing, and many such pontoon boats come with added accessories like rod holders; well, the cost of the boat does vary with the facilities provided. Also, they have a greater weight limit and are pretty streamlined.

Kayaks are famous amongst most travellers and amazing water recreation. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easier to maneuver and handle. Kayaks are available in many sizes and features according to the intended use. They are a common choice amongst rafters, campers, and some fishermen. Generally, kayaks are the most widely used inflatable boat due to its easy portability, manageable and usable design and sturdiness.

Canoes are slim, razor-sharp, light, streamlined boats that cut through the water like knives. They might look like they are easy to row but in fact, require a lot of expertise since they can capsize or even cause fatal accidents if not used properly and without any training.

However, inflatable canoes undergo a greatly supervised and revised process where the canoes are made sure to have at least more than one layer of special nylon/PVC fabric that is stitched with nylon (there are other kinds too) thread to make the small boat compact and ready to perform its high-level capabilities that meet the standards of intermediate or even expert paddlers. Expensive canoes can carry up to 3-4 passengers.

Last but not least, inflatable SUP boards are a hybrid between a canoe-kayak and surfboard, which gives the pleasure of water adventure with a paddle. Fabricated with the latest technology, these boards are lightweight, easy to inflate and deflate and sturdy. They can be rolled and put away in a backpack and easy to transport too! With an anti-skid layer feature, SUP boards come in a variety of sizes with a lot of rockers so that the board can glide and turn on the water. The paddle helps to maneuverer it in choppy waters.

Everything looks good from afar, but any products’ credibility is determined by the reviews of the users. Many credible water inflatables industries include customer reviews and experiences which have a greater positive impact on potential customers that visit the site. It also updates the people on the different ways an inflatable can make your summers unforgettable.

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