The Glorious Advantages

One of the key reasons why aqua sports always rule the world is that regardless of the season, there are always a lot of opportunities for getting on the water. In various holiday spots around the world, the environment is almost always ideal for the physically active, namely for those who love watersports. In locales in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean,and Northern Africa, temperatures variates and crowds ebb and flow, and clever travelers know that there still many opportunities to get on the water and be active.

Whether it’s about taking a break, spending a long weekend or celebrating a mini-holiday, water sports are a smart approach in countering pressure of going back to routine life and eradicating stress in general, as watersports are both fun and healthy.

Will Water Sports Ever Rule the World?

The blue water pools with skill-demanding activities packed full of adventure and the passion of competition have been a popular notion for ages. With inflatable water sports, the dull moments are recreated into a fun experience.

Will aqua sports ever rule the world, is the question already answered because of many latest pieces of research that indicate an increasing number of people participating in various kinds of water amusement games; a trend that is continually rising over the last five years. There is also a continued trend for the wider industry and brands that are making the most of water games popularity as an opportunity to diversify their offerings and address the changing demands of the water action sports lovers and professionals across the world.

This article highlights the current trends showing the water sports industry importance and popularity, increasing participation in and consideration of people to play water adventure and growing service portfolio for water sports facilities such as aqua parks, water parks, swimming clubs, etc.

Fortunately, countless destinations boast the perfect weather, the water and the ways to get on wet and enjoy life to its fullest. And the choices thrive. Watersports run the range from adrenalin-filled to romantic to relaxing. In our list, some of the best watersports that rule the world are:

1. Sailing

Harnessing the wind power in a sailboat is probably one of the most popular and widespread diversions. Wherever there are a breeze and water, people can sail. From small dinghies ideal for children and single sailors to catamaran party boats to elegant monohulls, these water tube sports make you feel the liberty and thrill of vacation. It can be an ostentatious affair. It can be challenging and physical. Some prefer the enjoyment and exhilaration of a regatta, others prefer to drink champagne while a capable captain does the work.

Sunset sails and day sailing are both amazing water games to escape the land and view your destination from a different viewpoint. The sailing experience gives you a new perspective and makes wonderful vacation memories, as the salty air turns your body on with high oxygen absorption and stable serotonin levels, hence you get a holistic sensation of happiness.

2. Paddleboarding

Inflatable Paddleboarding

The beginner-friendly water sport of paddleboarding has started to gain the attention of more first-timers than any other kind of water sport. It’s quite easy to do and offers many health benefits. While not necessitating the physical strength of kitesurfing, paddleboarding does call for balance and agility. The whole-body workout reinforces the limbs and grows core stability. Almost every muscle is used in paddle boarding, and the minor impact on ligaments and tendons makes it an amazing holiday pursuit for relaxation. It’s also the best family activity, suitable for all ages. Learning is more fun too, as the witty relief of family members falling in the water is a great diversion

Throughout the year, the paddleboarding aqua sports activities are almost unlimited, but the calm waters surrounding the island of Crete symbolize the hot new destination, signaling paddleboarders from across the world. Top sports for paddleboarding include St. George’s Bay, Heraklion, Hersonissos, and Chiana.

3. Surfing


Having roots in Hawaii, surfing is the water sport that has become a universal phenomenon. The Canary Islands are the model for best conditions for water surfing. The relentless warm air of an archipelago so close to the African continent ensures hot to mild temperatures. For beginners, there are numerous sheltered spots, and for skilled surfers, plenty of challenging waves. Surfers find a wide range of waves, from high tubes to chilled out breakers.

Besides Corralejo reefs, there are nearly 13 other key spots for taking the benefit of perfect swells. One form of it is very popular and that is kite surfing, in which the rider holds on to a huge kite while gliding on the wakeboard. This water sport has become an ultra-popular coastal sport for people looking for a physical challenge as well as the thrill of speed.

4. Swimming


One of the most popular water activities, swimming has been there for centuries. It has grown to become one of the most widespread recreational activities as well. Swimming competitions are countless, out of which the Olympics and World Aquatics Championships are the most prestigious and are administered by the Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA). Swimming is highly popular being a water sport that tests one’s fitness and stamina.

The Rising Water Sports Market

Aside from the adventure, fun and health benefits water games park provide, this market is driven by some other factors such as increasing disposable income of people living in the developed countries, health consciousness among different age groups, government’s investment on water parks and water games facilities, and easy and affordable access to water sports for people. Surging tourism has also led to market growth. Moreover, its widespread usage among windsurfers, divers, and triathletes is improving the traction in the industry.

In terms of water fun sports popularity as per geography, the market can be classified into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa. North America has noteworthy market traction over the last few years and is further expected to dominate in terms of consumption and demand for water tube sports in the next few years.

The Asia Pacific is also anticipated to rise as a key revenue-generating area owing to the rising wind-based & water games popularity and related activities in the region. Furthermore, China and India are likely to include lucrative opportunities for industry players because of the prevalence of promising government initiatives to support aqua sports.

Water activities, being the new norm, are adventurous, action-packed, fun-filled, and exciting. Both, mental stimulation and physical exertion can be achieved in floating water parks. They are a visual treat, motivation, and an ecstatic feeling. Water adventure, being flexible, can be played in, on, or underwater. Everyone is captivated by water in some way or the other. Some love calm and serene blue water, whereas others like turbulent and shaking currents. This makes it a perfect sporting medium for all, and today there is an extensive range of water sports across the world to choose from.

The Verdict

Aqua amusement have been around for centuries and have evolved to more innovative and advanced forms with time to rule the world ahead. International competitions across the world especially The Olympics give special emphasis on water games considering its worldwide popularity. Inflatable water sports sometimes can be dangerous or extreme, and action-packed and full of thrills, at other times. But one thing is for sure, whether for competition or leisure, their appeal is universal.

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