The Best Kayak Accessories

Kayaking has gained so much popularity, as have kayak accessories. Whether you love kayaking in lakes or like to float across the rivers or open oceans, kayaking necessitates having a proper gear to be safe and comfortable throughout your kayak trip.

Therefore, you must know which kayak accessories are the best and most useful for you. However, with a huge variety of kayak products available in the market, it is quite hard to determine which ones you must have and which ones you can survive without.  Accessories like bilge pumps and life vests not only keep you safe but also play a role in personalizing your kayak with your unique touches. A great kayak experience is only possible with the best kayak accessories.  Read on the article below to find the best ones that are simply WOW to have.

Before browsing through different kayak accessories and choosing the best ones for you, know that the perfect kayak accessories are made to decrease your struggles and increase your happiness. When purchasing a kayak, it is significant to think where you are going to store your boat and how it will be transported. Fortunately, there are very useful accessories for the same.

1. MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Dry Bag

This very durable heavy-duty dry bag lets you take all your gear on the board with you without any doubt of getting ruined. It is an ideal accessory for kayaks not having much room. This 20-liter dry bag is so reliable that it has been stamped as 100% waterproof, mud-proof, sand-proof,  and snow proof.  As a bonus, if you partly fill this bag with the air you may watch as it floats through the water, still maintaining its integrity.

The appealing anchor pattern is great for sailing and makes something beyond a boring bag. Its joined seams perform better than glue giving this bag high durability for years without worry. Above all, it is available at a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Hence, it never lets your money go in vain. Isn’t it great?

2. C-TUG Kayak Cart

Transporting the kayak to and from the water is usually a challenge for most especially if they don’t have the right equipment. This C-TUG cart has been made to make kayaks’ life a little easier.

You can assemble this cart easily and quickly, without using any tools. Similarly, you can quickly dismantle it when you get to the water. The additional advantage of this cart is that when it’s dismantled it is easily fitted into a hatch on your kayak or even on your storage area, so you can paddle knowing that your cart is with you whenever you head back to land.

kayak accessories

It is made with corrosion-resistant materials, which gives it more durability in saltwater and it also benefits from being highly resistant to UV light, which protects its integrity. The rubberized pads can be adjusted as per the size of your kayak and it has a significant load capacity of up to 300 LBS.

Not just that, the sturdy rubber wheels are also punctured resistant and appropriate for all terrains, including the soft sand. Isn’t amazing?

3. Stohlquist Edge Life Jacket

A life vest is undeniably a must-have accessory whenever you are out on the water. A well-fitting PFD is a lifesaver, and the one from Stohlquist has been developed to keep you both safe and comfortable while you enjoy kayaking.

kayak accessories
kayak accessories

The Edge life vest is made mobility in mind and suits a wide range of paddling styles. It’s made from tough, the lightweight fabric having reflective detailing that ensures better visibility.

The ergonomically made PFD benefits from having adaptable shoulder straps, 4 sides pull straps as well as a suitable waist buckle closure fitted at the front for a snug fit.Made with soft foam for extra buoyancy, you can wear this PFD for whitewater, sea kayaking, or calm lake.

It is available in 3 chest sizes for adults; from 33 inches up to 54 inches, and features graded sizing, implying you still have the essential level of buoyancy and foam thickness for your body frame or size.

Another cool feature of low-profile PFD is that it contains a zippered front pocket, so you can put your little essential items so that they’re easily reachable while you’re paddling.

4. COR Board Racks Wall Storage Sling

kayak accessories

We know that storing your kayak is a pain, but through this system, it doesn’t have to be. This storage unit is available with an incredibly simple yet highly functional design. This kayak storage unit is amazing since it is strong enough to hold the kayak with all its accessories. Two heavy-duty nylon straps cloak your kayak and lift it off the ground for perfect storage. The ultra-lightweight design has a punch and safely holds any kayak for easy storage. Coming in a fitting carrying pouch, this system is quite easy to store you don’t want to use.

As a plus point, you can be more confident if you buy this knowing it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. This is one of the best kayak accessories if you are looking for kayak storage systems.

5. BEST Kayak Anchor

This anchor has especially been designed for kayaking as well as small boats and it could surely be a useful addition to your kayak, particularly if you like to fish.

The 3 and a ½ pound anchor is made with solid galvanized iron, so it’s resistant to rust and corrosion, which makes an ideal choice for both fresh and saltwater use. The anchor line is a strong 40-foot-long marine-grade rope and you can also see a convenient buoy ball attached.

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This robust anchor will keep the kayak in place on the water, even in the light winds or currents, which is convenient if you’re fishing in a good spot or fancy a quick dip in the water and don’t want your kayak floating away without you.

You can fold it up for easy storage and it comes in a little handy pouch. When folded it only measures 12 inches by 3 inches; hence, it doesn’t even take up much space on the deck.

6. Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Watch

When you go for kayaking, having a GPS navigation device is very useful and sometimes vital if you’re out on a multi-day trip in unfamiliar territory. With this Fenix watch from Garmin, you not just get the GPS capabilities but also a watch, so you keep track of the time when you’re on the water.

This high-tech watch is 100% waterproof up to 100 meters, so it’s high resistance to splashes and you can even swim while wearing it. It’s light-weighted, very easy to use and you can view the compass and barometer on its main display.

Another great element of this watch is that it can be synced to your phone with the ConnectIQ app so that it can alert you for the notifications while you’re paddling. It also possesses an ability to save up to 10,000 tracks and 1,000 Waypoints, with the capability to navigate back to them with the Trackback technology.

It is a good choice if you seek for a high-tech GPS device that won’t take up much room on board and serves as a convenient, multi-purpose watch at the same time.

7. Seattle Sports Paddlers Bilge Pump

kayak accessories

Weighing just 12 ounces, this lightweight pump is very easy to store. Keep it near your feet or under the seat for quick access. This pump makes an important accessory for the kayaks paddling in any surf. Being neon yellow it is difficult to miss this potentially life-saving device.

Having an easy-grip molded handle pumping water out of your kayak is now convenient and comfortable. You will never have to avoid the rough surf or wet weather again if you have this trusty bilge pump from the Seattle Sports. This is one of the best kayaking accessories you must have and makes an ideal choice for those doing solo kayaking in the ocean.

8. Sokoo 22W Solar Charger

If you plan for heading out for the day, or particularly for a few days, this solar charger is a great accessory to keep with you, so that you can keep your gadgets operating while you’re off the grid. This one from Sokoo is lightweight, portable, and best of all, it’s waterproof!

It comes in a compact design measuring only 12.2 inches by 6.3 inches and is just around an inch thick when you fold it. When the panels are open for charging it’s just 22 inches in length, so it is good if you don’t have much space. The charger weighs merely 17 ½ ounces, implying it can be a perfect accessory if you’re looking to travel light.

This sturdy little 22-watt charger gives5 volts of power through dual USB ports, so you can charge two devices at a time, like your phone, camera, GPS, or fishfinder. Just put the solar panels facing the sun while you’re out and about and keep the gadgets running during your kayak adventures.

The solar charger also has waterproof PVC covered canvas fabric, so you don’t have to worry about it getting streaked while you’re paddling and it has the tendency to survive even if it falls in the water.

kayak accessories

The Final Thoughts

Express your love for kayaking keeping the best kayak accessories in your boat. These accessories will motivate you to spend more time on the water and even be a talking point for those who also love this adventurous sport.

What kayak accessories do you currently have? If we have missed any “must-have” kayak accessory, do let us know!

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