Inflatable Water Toys for the Lake

The Banana Boat

Inflatable Banana Boats are a popular inflatable water toys for the lake device for both kids and adults sold throughout the world. The banana boat, also known as a water sled and often referred to simply as a banana, is an inflatable recreational ride to be towed behind powerboats. Our different models will accommodate three to ten riders sitting on a larger, main tube and resting their feet on two laterally flanking tubes which stabilize the boat. The main tube is yellow and banana-shaped. Some models have two main tubes.
Great fun for all ages, it will provide folks with hours of fun in all kinds of water conditions. "Heavy Commercial" construction carefully handcrafted using reinforced 1100 denier 40 oz UV resistant PVC material. This is a dense puncture resistant material commonly used in the manufacture of high-quality white water boats.

Each water tube is hand made using glue bonded overlapping seams with double reinforcement in the high stress - hard used areas. Made to endure the heavy use by your family or commercial beach operators around the world. Inflatable Banana boats take up as much space as a small barrel when deflated, and can be stored almost anywhere, such as a car trunk, closet, or even an empty corner of your apartment. But when inflated, with a hand or electric pump, in a matter of minutes, an inflatable vessel appears that can take you or your whole family for a day of water towing fun and thrills at exhilarating speeds. And best of all, when you have done, just let the air out and roll everything back into the bag, till next time.
Call us or email us for more details! Product Specifications as follows:
Inflatable Banana Boat. Size: 2 seats ~ 16 seats. Material: 0.9mm (40oz) UV Resistant PVC. Accessory: Air Pump, Repair kits, One pair of oars and one boat bag.
All seams are hot air sealed, 5-day airtight inflation testing. Protection seams are added at necessary stress and wear parts.

Floating Inflatable Trampoline Park

Everyone loves trampolines, Great inflatable water toys for the lake. But, how about jumping on a Floating inflatable Trampoline park with 6 units or maybe try the 9 unit apparatus? Bounce and play. Impress the girls. You can even bounce and land in the water. Do flips into the water, do that great cannonball splash. The trampoline is sure to give you that great bounce up high for that great splash moment. All trampolines are supported with Heavy Duty Vinyl using High UV protection for Interacting bouncing fun.

The Launch Bag

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