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"Easy-Fast" Portable Pool-Based Water Parks are a fun way to get your guests excited about your venue. Our aqua parks are the best in the business setups earning very high cash rewards with bigger attractions and luring more customers! Families often won’t click on the book button unless they know you can offer big entertainment to make their summer great. With a Portable Pool-Based Water Park, not only will they have the most awesome water-filled day ever, but they’ll keep telling others and will keep coming back!

Say goodbye to expensive marketing

Once your guests have the best water filled day ever, they’ll do your marketing for you. It only takes a few guests posting aesthetic pictures on Instagram and Facebook to create a social media frenzy. Plus if every guest becomes a repeat customer and posts about your Portable Pool-Based Water Park, you’ll never need to fork out on expensive advertising again, the business will come to you! The Portable Pool-Based Water Park will also become an eye-catching visual bringing attention to your resort or venue. Rest assured all viewers will remember this Park location and will make plans with friends and family members to visit.


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All-in-one ``Easy-Fast `` Waterparks For Your Resorts / Campgrounds!

When it comes to attracting families to your hotel, understanding what they are looking for and how to adjust your property to make it more appealing is essential. Families have different needs and preferences than solo travellers or couples, and catering to those needs can make all the difference in whether or not they choose your hotel for their next vacation. Here, we will discuss some of the key factors that families consider when choosing a hotel and how you can adjust your property to make it more appealing to guests.

Improving Your Guest Factor With Floating Water Parks

Family-Friendly Amenities: One of the most important factors that families consider when choosing a hotel is the availability of family-friendly amenities. These can include things like children’s pools, playgrounds, and kid’s clubs. If your hotel doesn’t have these amenities, consider adding them to make your property more appealing to families. You can also offer packages that include access to nearby family-friendly activities, such as theme parks or water parks, to make your hotel more attractive to families.

Having a Water Park: Adding a water park to your hotel can be a great way to appeal to families and set yourself apart from your competition. This can include things like Inflatable water slides, lazy rivers, and aqua park splash pads. Having a inflatable water parks on site can be a major draw for families and can be a key selling point for your hotel. Be sure to promote this feature prominently on your website and in your marketing materials.

By understanding what families are looking for in a hotel and adjusting your property to meet their needs, you can make your hotel more appealing to guests. By providing family-friendly amenities and services, offering good value, and being flexible, you can increase your occupancy rates and build a reputation as a family-friendly hotel. Additionally, by promoting your online presence you can easily reach your target audience and make your hotel more accessible and attractive to potential customers.

Why Inflatables, As The Right Attractions For Your Water Park

When it comes to choosing the right attractions for your water park, there are many different options to consider. One popular option that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the use of inflatable slides and other inflatable attractions. These types of attractions can offer a number of benefits to your water park, including:

Affordability: Inflatable slides and attractions are often less expensive than traditional water park attractions. A great option for water parks that are on a budget or looking to keep costs low.

  1. Flexibility: Inflatable attractions are highly customizable. Their shapes, sizes, and colours and can be placed very strategically.
  2. Durability: Many of the attractions are made from heavy-duty, commercial grade materials. Easy to maintain, making them a cost-effective.
  3. Safety: Inflatable slides are designed with safety in mind. Many slides and attractions have features that allow lifeguards to monitor guests.
  4. Entertainment: From inflatable water slides, obstacle courses, and water bouncers to interactive games, they can provide an added layer of entertainment to your water park.
  5. Portability: Inflatable slides and attractions can be easily transported and set up, which makes them a great option for water parks that want to change the attraction layout during the season.

It’s important to work with us to ensure that the equipment you purchase is of high quality and meets all necessary safety standards and making your water park attractive to all your different types of customers.


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We can ensure all of our products are high-quality and safe for your guests. How? We’re the water play park experts! Not only are we celebrating 35 years of working in the industry but we have a PRIVATE OWNED FACTORY. We’re on our factory floor every day which means we can quality assure every single product we create. When it comes to inflatables we’re EN ISO 25649 certified on everything and we triple reinforce every join, plus we use ultraviolet protection so you know your Inflatable swimming pools park will last season after season. Don’t waste money on low-quality products which break in the first season, choose something which will bring huge returns every year!

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