Cruiser Jet-Powered SUP Boards

What is a Cruiser Jet S.U.P Board?

These new Turbojet motors come in an easy to install kit. They’re battery operated and therefore produce zero emissions. They’re also created in a way that fits just about any inflatable stand up paddleboard.
So, whether you’re trying to increase the speed of your stand up paddleboard, or enjoy a bit of help when a headwind is making the ride back to shore a bit of a workout, a motorized stand-up paddleboard is the ideal solution.

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The less time you spend inflating, the more time you can spend having fun on the water. We also offer the complete package with our SUP Motor Kit, which includes the inflatable stand up board, the jet motor, and all the accessories needed to get you on the water enjoying this sport.
Stand up paddleboarding is a great activity for the entire family. It can be a leisure activity for those who just want to enjoy the serenity of the lake or ocean. It can also be a serious thrill for those who have a more adventurous spirit. Both leisure or thrill-seekers will get more of what they crave with an electric fin motor from SUP Motors. The inflatable stand up has the advantage of portability, since you can easily travel anywhere with them and require little space. How little space? You can carry some of them in a backpack! The newer inflatable models are also just as stable as their solid counterparts and you can get high-pressure electric inflator pumps that can have you ready to go faster than it takes you to find parking.
Motorized stand up paddle boards have been around for a few years and due to the popularity of the sport, innovation has not stopped. The first interaction consisted of a fan blade, but this has since been replaced with more efficient and faster Turbojet motors that can go as fast as 12 Kph, more than doubling the performance from the older fan blade version.

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Why an inflatable SUP Board?

Traditional surf boards are bulky and cumbersome to handle and travel with! Driving to the beach, you need car racks to transport it from the home to the beach. Or you need a pick-up truck to throw it in the back.
Not with a high-tech inflatable board! Inflatable SUP Boards are able to operate in the same way as a fiberglass board. These boards are firm and solid! But, when finished for the day, just deflate and roll up and put it in your back pack. Hop a bus, grab a taxi or jump into your friend’s car and you are on your way home. Put it in your closet, under your bed and it’s ready to be pulled out for your next trip to the beach. Your next trip, grab it, travel, unroll it, inflates in 4 minutes and you’re ready to do it all again! It’s that easy, and convenient too!

The Inflatable SUP board uses a high-tech construction process called Drop Stitch which hold the two board panels together. Literally, thousands of tiny high strength threads connect the top and bottom layers of the board. When inflating, this allows a much higher air pressure than other inflatable products in order to create a firm and stiff board!
The board can hold 12 pounds of air pressure, more than double the working pressure of other types of inflatables. When you're out on the water, the SUP board will turn, cut and glide, just like a fiberglass board. Nobody will realize that your SUP board actually arrived at the beach, packed up in a bag.

SUP Board Technical Details

For better board control, we've added an anti-skid layer across the top of the board that allows you to sense the slightest motions of the board on the water.
Flat water boards tend to be larger (longer, wider, with higher volume). This makes them stable, but also harder to turn. They usually have a flat bottom, which again gives you a big, stable platform. The size of the board you choose will ultimately be based on your weight and experience on the water.
Rocker is the degree of upward curve from the nose to tail of the board when viewed from the side. Flat water SUP's have less of a rocker so they glide more efficiently over longer distances. A board with a lot of rocker lets you drive and turn the board more easily on a wave. Boards for surf and whitewater are generally have a higher rocker for maneuverability, at the cost of some reduction in speed and tracking

Portable and Packable

The Inflatable SUP board easily deflates in a minute. Roll it up and slip it into the backpack bag provided. Insert your retractable paddle and your hand pump and you are ready to go by bicycle or bus.

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