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Large Lake Float for Boat

If you want to throw a party on the Lake or the river, your guests will be talking about it all the way till next summer, then you need a giant Lake float with slides and trampolines! With floating inflatable rafts, you can have big summer bash in the sun, at a reasonable price. If you want to have the most fun you can have on water, whether that’s a pool, a lake or even a beach party, then get in touch to find out more about our inflatable rafts for the oceans, lakes and beaches.

Lake Inflatable island

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Large Rafts for more than 5 People

We’re a trusted international inflatable builder and supplier for a reason! Our experience in the industry means we know exactly what our competitors have on offer. We know that we have the best designs and best Canopy inflatable island lounge. If you want the most awesome floating party of 2020 then get in touch to find out how we can help you choose a floating island that suits your budget.

EN ISO 25649 Certified for Our Lake inflatable Island

We operate OUR OWN FACTORY in China. Which means we’re there every day on our factory floor and can inspect every single element of your product. We only ever use high-quality materials and we triple reinforce every join, so you know your Canopy inflatable Island Lounge will last for more than just one party! We know our customers want quality products, which is why we always work to American, Canadian and European standards plus we’re EN ISO 25649 certified on everything. So you can feel secure when you buy floating inflatables from us.

Corporate Branding Deals Welcome
Our High-Quality, Heavy-duty lake and oceans floats are an excellant attention grabber! Create a touch point rental program for your event.

Custom Design a Floating Island with Your Brand!
Excite your guests by letting them float and play amonsgt your Brand Message or inflated product.

Canopy Inflatable Floating Islands for Adults are built Heavy Duty
All Rafts are built for safety considering 6-10 adults may be partying at one time. Super strong and white water built standards!

How to Prepare for Your Inflatable River Rafting Adventure

A Canopy Inflatable Island Lounge

Equipment–A wetsuit may not always be essential but will be an excellent benefit, as you will be getting wet on this trip. Trainers, gloves, warm hat, and wool socks are some products, which are essential for a successful adventure.

Security– White water rafting can be as unsafe as it can be fun; therefore, listening to your guide is crucial to making this experience one that you will remember fondly. Moving waters are known for their rapid currents buildup that can quickly pull a knowledgeable rafter in; there have been situations of tragic events, and therefore stringent safety rules must adhere.

It is for your peace of mind that you make sure you have a knowledgeable guide or experienced friends with you on your inflatable water float experience. They will layout the safety rules and critical points before the journey starts and by which everybody on the group must abide.

Snacks– On a organized river rafting trips, lunch packages will consist of in the deal. However, be advised, it is smart to carry energy bars for yourself, which your body will be well in need of after or during the journey. Please do not bring anything significant, or you may lose it throughout rafting.

Bring an unbreakable plastic bottle of water; however, don’t pollute the river with empty plastic bottles. Some of the more detailed designed rafts will have a spot to put an ice cooler for cold refreshing drinks. Some nicely designed inflatable rafts will have its umbrella—a nice feature for a long day of floating on the river.

Valuable Tips to Make Note:

To enjoy your rafting journey, there are many rules to follow, as nature can be unforgiving, as it is stunning. Here are some things that you should refrain from doing as well: do not bring along any jewelry whatsoever or views; you can quickly lose it in the water. Do not leave your hair (if long) untied, as it will block your vision with high winds and water splashing while rafting.

An excellent white-water rafting adventure depends just on you. How you treat every element of this sport, which is not always relaxing and straightforward; however, it is addicting.

Excited about the possibilities of a Canopy Inflatable Floating island? Then we want to hear from you! Give us your feedback!

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