Canopy Inflatable Inflatable Lounges

For relaxation and "Sunsational" fun, you can’t beat a Canopy inflatable Island Lounger. When it comes to Floating Inflatable Rafts, we offer, not only the best quality but the best design on the market! You can have a floating island for 8-12 adults, perfect for socializing at the inflatable bar with colourful umbrellas, sunbathing on a trampoline or just jumping and diving into the water. What’s more, you can use a combination of Canopy inflatable islands with our other inflatable products to create your own awesome inflatable island party!

Inflatable Water Parks on Lakes or Oceans

The Monster Slide
The Monster Slide
Very Unique Obstacles!
Very Unique Obstacles!
..Mix and Match to your Budget!
..Mix and Match to your Budget!
..Secure Anchoring, Lake or Ocean!
..Secure Anchoring, Lake or Ocean!

Floating Water Parks

If you’re looking for a wow-factor for your business, a USP that will get everyone talking, then you need a floating water park! The surefire way to entertain guests of all ages season after season. Your customizable floating water park will bring you returns on your investment, potentially in your first year! If you’re ready to ramp up your profits find out more about our top-quality aqua parks.

Floating Trampoline Swans for Lake!

Why choose something stationary for your kid that you can’t move or take with you to the cottage each year? With a floating trampoline for lakes, you get all the fun of a trampoline combined with crazy amazing water fun! Our inflatables are always top-quality so you know they’ll excite your guests season after season. Find out how our trampoline water parks can help you to increase customer satisfaction and bring huge returns on your investment!

Water Toys for the Lake

We don’t just sell awesome water parks in isolation. We are the original inflatables designers which means we can create anything from a banana boat to a towing Saturn. If you want to ramp up summer fun on a smaller budget, or you want to add extra excitement to your current water park then inflatable water toys are the best way. Launch your business into success by getting your guests hyped with our towing inflatables for speedboats and fun extras like our launch bag!

Inflatable Water Amusement park

Don’t have access to the sea or a lake from your venue? Not to worry! Our Outdoor, Inflatable Water Amusement Parks are the answer to your slow summer operations. Your guests will rave about your venue and create a social media frenzy for you when they spend a day in your Inflatable Water Amusement Park. You’ll easily out-book your local competitors when you buy a water play park for your venue. Excited to find out more? Then get in touch!

new cruiser jet SUP

Jet powered paddle board

A stand-up paddle board is the ultimate leisure activity. Set sail on your own water adventure. Relax out in the open and have the comfort of a cruiser jet to help you get where you need to go without hard paddling. Plus our boards feel as high quality as a surfboard but with the bonus that you can deflate them when you’re packing up! Easy to set up, easy to use and super fun on the water, what more could you want?

Inflatable Water Slides for Adults

What’s not to love about a giant inflatable slide for Adults? If you want to tower over your competition and create awesome summer experiences for your guests, you need a giant inflatable water slide. Why choose Inflatable island? We make the biggest slides on the market! Every guest will love your venue after a day spent on a floating inflatable water slide. Never have a slow summer season again!

Indoor inflatable park

Want to throw an awesome event but not sure how to make sure everyone has a blast? Then an indoor inflatable park is the answer for you! Our indoor play centers are perfect for any venue with a large indoor space, especially catering to a younger crowd. You don’t need water to have inflatable fun! Find out how we can help you sell-out events with an inflatable indoor playground.

Party Tents and bubble tents

For fabulous glamping experiences, you can’t go wrong with a bubble tent. Your bubble tent is a garden igloo, allowing yourself or your guests to enjoy the beautiful night sky and all the bounties of nature in comfort, no matter the weather! Our party tents offer the same protection from the elements, just for a lot more people! We can create any custom shape inflatable party tent for your event, which will keep your guests talking about you for years to come! Find out how we can ensure our tents will last season after season by getting in touch now!