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Explore the Equipment & Add-Ons collection from Inflatable Islands Co. for safe, exciting, and versatile waterfront fun for people of all ages

This is the Equipment & Add-Ons collection, your go-to place for enhancing your Inflatable Islands experience. We have everything from multiuse canopies to cozy loungers and electric blower pumps — a curated selection of accessories ready to maximize your comfort, convenience, and enjoyment on the water.

Our Equipment & Add-Ons

Replaceable Canopy for Islands (Play Bouncer Lounger or Raft)

  • Dimensions: Outside — 12ft x 15ft, Inside standing — 12ft x 9ft


  • Features: Ideal for the Play Bouncer Lounger/Raft, usable on land for picnics, equipped with D-rings for tie-down or sandbags.


  • Description: Cover your Play Bouncer with this replaceable canopy. Perfect for sunny days on the water or as a picnic canopy on land.


  • Price: $731


  • Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

Replaceable Canopy for Islands (Sports Island Lounger)

Dimensions: Outside — 10ft x 10ft, Inside standing — 10ft x 8ft


Features: Fits the Sports Island Lounger, also great for land use, complete with D-rings for secure setup.


Description: This canopy adds a layer of comfort and protection to your Sports Island Lounger, doubling as an ideal land-based shelter.


Price: $536

Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

Double Lounger Chairs With Table & Umbrellas

  • Features: Two laid-back beach lounger chairs complete with a handy side table and umbrellas.


  • Description: Perfect for couples or friends, these double lounger chairs provide a comfortable and shaded spot to relax.


  • Price: $470

Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

Single Floating Lounger Chair

  • Features: One signature Inflatable Islands lounger chair.


  • Description: Looking for solo relaxation on the water? This floating lounger chair offers comfort and convenience — wherever you choose to drift!


  • Price: $136


  • Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

Two SUP Boards With Two Paddles

  • Features: Includes two stand-up paddleboards with paddles.


  • Description: Start your adventures on the water with our sturdy and stylish SUP boards, perfect for exploring and staying active.


  • Price: $575

Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

Electric Blower Pump (800 W)

  • Features: 800 W power, ideal for inflating your Inflatable Island.


  • Description: Make setup a snap with this efficient electric blower pump, guaranteeing quick and easy inflation.


  • Price: $78


  • Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

Electric Blower Pump (1,200 W)

  • Features: 1,200 W power, designed for rapid inflation of your inflatable island.


  • Description: This more powerful electric blower pump reduces setup time, letting you enjoy your time on the water sooner.


  • Price: $175

Shipping/Handling: Additional charges apply.

The Complete Experience: Why Choose Our Equipment & Add-Ons?

  • Quality and Durability: Like our islands, our accessories are made with the highest-quality materials.


  • Easy To Use: We prioritize convenience, making our accessories simple to set up and integrate with your existing Inflatable Islands products.


  • Customization: Everything is here to help you personalize your experience. Each product is simply a building block — the rest is up to your imagination!

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