Staying Afloat: A Guide to River Rafting Choices and Safety

river rafting

Before you enjoy the thrill of a white knuckle ride down a river, make sure that you read this river rafting safety guide. When the weather gets nice and the water in your local river gets warm enough to bear, there’s nothing quite like a day out on the river surrendering to the flow of […]

Beach Safety: Everything You Need to Consider to Have Fun in the Sun

Beach Safety

The beach can be great fun, but there are still dangers. Before you head out to have fun in the sun, read our beach safety guide. Are you planning a trip to the beach in the near future? Well, you won`t be the only one! With summer upon us and 95,471 miles of American shoreline to […]

How to Social Distance When Using Floating Inflatable Islands

island floats

The COVID19 pandemic means we need to adapt and socially distance, but is it possible to enjoy island floats while keeping a safe distance apart? Although COVID-19 is here to stay for a while, that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy ourselves during the beautiful summer months. As long as you and your family stick to […]

The Best Water Sports In 2024

water sports and activties

The Glorious Advantages One of the key reasons why aqua sports always rule the world is that regardless of the season, there are always a lot of opportunities for getting on the water. In various holiday spots around the world, the environment is almost always ideal for the physically active, namely for those who love […]

Inflatable Yacht Slide

Inflatable Yacht Slide

Inflatable Yacht Slide – The Quickest Way from Yacht to Water Nowadays, Inflatable Yacht Slide are more interestingly equipped than high-tech cars. From interior swimming pools and astonishing entertainment centers to helicopter landing pads and submarine launches, the contemporary yacht is actually becoming more of a canvas for the wealthy and well-known to outfit in […]