Aquanaut Pro Brand for 2021

Introducing The New Consumer Water Brand

Aquanaut Pro is the manufacturer of the largest inflatables at the Pearl of the Orient Seas for a reason!

Installed across the Philippines, and expanding globally, Aquanaut Pro is managed by a group comprised of Canadian designers and inflatable makers since 1988 and are genuinely noted as a few of a handful of pioneers in the inflatable leisure and amusement industry. The founder has 32 years of inflatable knowledge.

This led us to start the new Brand, adeptly named, Aquanaut Pro. Reflecting our deep involvement in water Sports and our commitment to the water leisure market.

With the company’s immense industry experience, Hence the PRO mark on the logo, they have become recognized as the largest floating water park manufacturer and exporter of these supreme quality inflatable water sports products. They can be set at flat lots in urban cities, campgrounds, resort shorelines and any park in general!

As one of the longest-running manufacturers of inflatables and backed up by state-of-the-art engineering techniques with a dedicated team of technicians, Aquanaut Pro represents considerable authority in the production and sales of water sports fun, catering to all ages. Its unwavering commitment to safety, ethical business standards and a reputation for being the most inventive make it the most premium quality inflatable Aqua Park accessible for today’s water sport’s needs.

The raw materials and assembling innovation applied to its products and accessories are entirely consenting to the standards for America and the European Union having the required EN certification.

The company’s standard offerings are only top-notch designed products. Having a competitive price, considerate and complimenting service due to having the speediest and most efficient responses. Therefore overall, Aquanaut Pro is achieving a height of success (literally) with all its clients everywhere.

Due to the above attributes, the company introduced the new Aquanaut Pro Brand as its business quickly is being recognized by purchasers around the world. They are winning over markets in China, Philippines, England, Ireland and now America. The business is growing on the back of its design abilities. The company has awesome potential for world-wide acceptance.

Peter Appleton, the founder and maker of portable inflatable water parks along with his line of giant inflatables started this journey in Canada, however as of now, he lives in China working inside the manufacturing plant. Since recently bringing the iconic brand to the Philippines, he continues to grow his empire by designing the largest customized Inflatable aqua parks in the world.

Peters’ commitment to the inflatable aqua park industry is on the rise and his passion for summertime fun in the water is reflected through all his customized products! He is presently the only builder in the world for very large, supersized floating aqua park products. One of his design-build projects was recently awarded the Guinness book of records certificate for Tallest floating water slide in the world.

When the creator opened its doors in the Philippines, it marked the first run through in its history that Aqua Parks stepped outside China’s borders with its flagship name.

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