About Us: It’s Iconic!

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Defining Iconic Is The Future for Aqua Play Parks World: Water-Based Entertainment & Leisure Company. Our Iconic floating aqua park designs have undoubtedly made a significant impact on the world of water-based entertainment and leisure. The biggest ever Floating Inflatable Water Slide, The biggest Floating Half-Pipe Slide and The first ever Floating Volleyball Court to […]

#1 Water Fun Choices with Inflatable Parks and Water Toys

Water-Based Inflatable Water Toys bring Out the Kid in Us! Water in Summer is everyone’s best time to spend outdoors, social distancing with your family and friends. Whether in your swimming pool, at the lake, or the beach or any other public water recreation area. Inflatable islands, water floats, and toys are just what you […]

4 Ways Luxurious Water Sports Equipment Benefits You in Elevating Your Investments.

Are you ready to dive into an water sports equipment business like no other? Look no further than our incredible The floating Inflatable-Island Company! Imagine a world where laughter echoes, adrenaline surges, and unforgettable memories are made. Get ready to experience a water wonderland that will leave you breathless and craving for more. Key Features […]

10 Ways An Inflatable Rental Water Business Will Profit You!

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Inflatable Water Business If you are considering whether or not to start your own inflatable rental water business, then you need to weigh the pros and cons. Although it is a very profitable business, there are a few difficult aspects of the business. By weighing the good and the bad you can make the right […]

Buying in China? Caution! A Word to the Wise.

China Factory

Buying from a China Factory: Caution Are You Hearing These Words Yet? Chapter 1 Looking to buy from China factory soon? Many people from around the world will need help when purchasing from a china factory. The problem is that everyone thinks that a middle man is there and he is making money from his […]

The State of Floating Water Parks Industry. Part 1

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The State of Floating Water Parks in the WestInflatable Floating Water Parks: Part 1 General description and selling points. These floating water parks are specially built with waterproof obstacle pieces that can all be connected then rearranged to form a race track or running track, all while floating on the water! Except for the more […]

Kayaking Guide for Beginners-BUY


Kayaking is a very popular fun water activity that connects you with nature, appreciate the beauty around you, gets a relaxing body workout, and makes an exciting and adventurous hobby. The adventure trip of water sports lovers cannot be completed without Kayaking; a versatile water sports that are great for all; solo enthusiasts, pairs, and […]

The Dangers of Water Sports: Everything You Need to Know

The Dangers of Water Sports: Everything You Need to Know

Generally speaking, water sports are any activities that can be done in the water. This ranges from recreational water activities such as swimming, fishing and boating, to competitive water activities such as sailing, surfing and diving. Just like any other sport, water sports has its own sets of dangers to look out for. Here, we […]

Kayak vs Canoe

kayak vs canoe

What does kayak vs canoe mean. If you are into water sports and love the water adventures, you must know what kayak vs canoe means. However, what you most probably don’t know is the technical differences between the two. Not knowing these differences, you cannot say which craft is the best for your paddling. In […]

Inflatable Island Water Trampoline Instructions

Water Trampoline

Thank You for Purchasing Your New Water Trampoline When operated properly, and according to the rules, the water trampoline is a safe and a fun form of entertainment that will thrill participants at any age. It is imperative that the participants understand and follow the rules. When operating and taking care of your water amusement […]